This is a lovely circular walk from Barley around Pendle, taking in some dramatic scenery and possibly well-earned refreshments at the local inn

Barley – Pendle
Distance: 6.83 miles
Time: 4 hours

From the car park in Barley walk along the main street past the Pendle Inn. The path starts about 100 yards after the pub at the beck on the left hand side of the road. Follow the beck over the footbridge to the minor road. After the white cottage turn right there is a gentle walk uphill which leads to Brown House. Bear right in front of the house and then sharp left up the hillside towards Pendle House. (30 minutes)

The steep climb up the side of Pendle starts behind the house. At the top of the climb go over the stone stile and follow the wall a few yards to the ladder stile. (A diversion to Big End – the highest point on Pendle can be made by going over the ladder stile before continuing the walk.) Otherwise head across the moor (bearing 320 degrees) to meet the next ladder stile at the stone wall. (40 minutes)

After the stile follow the escarpment to the stone shelter and then on to the first of two cairns which can be seen in the distance. The rough path over peaty ground meets a stone wall running roughly NW to SE – follow the wall at right angles to this one running approximately NE to SW. The second cairn is found at the end of this newly repaired wall. (40 minutes)

Now walk due east towards Ogden Clough. On nearing the clough cross over the track and descend a little into the valley to pick up a narrow path to the right following the contour. A steep descent to the beck leads to a gate which can be seen from a distance. The path follows the contour along Ogden Clough to Upper Ogden Reservoir. (40 minutes)

Just before the reservoir and at a swing gate, turn left uphill following the stone wall. The path leads above Upper Ogden Reservoir to Under Pendle. Turn right at the black water tank and walk between the houses then follow the track through the farm complex. On leaving the farm look for the stile immediately on the left at the beck. Follow the wire fence to the stile at the end of the field. The path follows the beck side over a series of stiles to the footbridge first encountered at the start of the walk. Turn left at the road for the Pendle Inn. (45 minutes)

With thanks to Michael Wainright of Fellscape



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