The latest high-tech hearing aids have proved to be a life-changer for a delighted Reedley lady. Photography: Robin Lyndon

It came of something of a shock when, at the age of 38, Rebecca Murray noticed that she was losing her hearing.

“It was totally unexpected,” says Rebecca. “I noticed that I was struggling hearing during normal conversations and I could see people getting frustrated with me. I never thought I may be losing my hearing.”

Rebecca went to see her doctor who referred her to an NHS audiologist, who told her she was losing the hearing in one ear. Six months later she began losing the hearing in the other ear.

“I took it in my stride,” she recalls. “At that point the prospect of wearing a hearing aid didn’t particularly bother me, I just thought it was a bit like wearing glasses.”

Rebecca, who was prescribed NHS hearing aids, adds: “When I started wearing them I realised they were not right for me or my lifestyle. There was a lot of background noise and interference. I felt I had been given something that did not do the job.”

Rebecca who is single and lives in Reedley, recalls: “If I went to hug someone the hearing aid would make a whistling sound. I felt really self-conscious.”

Having done some research on hearing aids and the latest technology that can be incorporated into them, Rebecca consulted expert Nish Vasant at Fresh Hearing in Haslingden.

“I went to see Nish and have never looked back,” says a delighted Rebecca, who now has the latest top-of-the-range Unitron Discover Jump hearing aids that are rechargeable and automatically connect to an app on her iPhone.

After wearing diagnostic hearing aids in order to determine what Rebecca’s needs would be, Nish fitted Rebecca’s new hearing aids explaining just how everything worked: “Nish was fantastic! As soon as I had them fitted I was just amazed at how clear I could hear everything.

“When my phone rings it rings in my ear, if I am in the car it connects to the sat nav and that talks directly into my ear via the hearing aids. If I am in a situation where I need more volume in either ear I can tap on an app on my phone and turn it up or down.”

The Unitron hearing aids have been a life-changer for Rebecca: “Compared to the NHS hearing aids, these are amazing! It has given me a massive self confidence boost – I don’t even know they are there.”

Nish from Fresh Hearing explains: “Rebecca is a prime example of why going down the private route was the best option. She is still young and active and the NHS hearing aids were not giving her everything she needs for her lifestyle. When we trial hearing aids, it ensures clients get the best level of technology to suit them and that’s what we did with Rebecca.”

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