Lighting For Life Outdoors

Start preparing for the spring and summer with these outdoor lampions that combine individual design with outstanding robustness

Whether as light decoration in a tree, as decoration in a front or back garden or as a path marker on a lakeshore, outdoor lampions from Germany company Barlooon are a real eye-catcher.

Individual design and outstanding robustness go hand in hand at Barlooon, which as a company attaches great importance to ensuring that its lampions are weather resistant. Since only stainless metal elements are used, they defy the weather without any problems.

Barlooon lampions – all lovingly handcrafted – are available in three sizes small, medium and large and five different colours. Special designs are also available on request. All Barlooon lampions can be equipped with versatile mounting and lighting solutions. This opens up extensive, and extremely flexible possibilities for using the lampion outdoors.

They have been designed to be temperature resistant down to -30°C and up to +70°C. All processed metal elements are made of stainless steel.

The lampions come in white, cream, yellow, orange, red and blue.

Prices start from €145



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