Lighting Up Garstang

With A Burlesque-A-Thon

A group of ladies from a burlesque chair dance class in Garstang came together on 14th November to hold a Burlesque-a-thon with the aim of raising much needed funds for Garstang’s Christmas lights. Photography: Roger Moore

The Burlesque-a-thon was a six-hour burlesque chair dance class held at Garstang Golf Club. The ladies learnt a new dance every hour for six hours.

The dancers aged between 21 and 60 come together every week under the guidance of teacher Emma to keep fit, have fun and feel empowered.

The ladies are from the Group for Burlesque Chair Dance® Classes in Garstang and surrounding area. Classes are Wednesday at Claughton Parish Hall and Thursday at Catterall Town Hall. They are suitable for all ages and all abilities. The ladies insist you will get fit, lose weight, build confidence and have fun!

At the time of going to print the eight ladies that took part had already raised over £600 for the Christmas Lights Appeal.

Check out the Facebook page or email Emma at: for more details, or to donate to their cause




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