Calling all literature lovers! Get set for a new 2018 Literary Festival to be staged here in the Ribble Valley

Northcote is delighted to announce a new event to be held this August – The Ribble Valley Literary Festival.

Few things can be more pleasurable than spending time in the company of your favourite authors, in stunning surroundings while enjoying Michelin star dining in the Louis Roederer Room and Champagne Terrace at Northcote.

Consultants to the Ribble Valley Literary Festival are Sally Dunsmore and Tony Byrne, director and special advisor respectively, to the Oxford Literary Festival and Blenheim Palace Festival of Literature, Film and Music.

Craig Bancroft, Managing Director at Northcote, explains: “We hope this will be the start of something very special.”

The festival will be an intimate celebration of the written word, with a line-up of five leading fiction, non-fiction and food writers. Guests will have the choice to join one of Northcote’s distinguished authors at a lunch or dinner when each author will talk about their life and books.

The first two authors to be confirmed are Lady Carnarvon and Felix Francis.

Lady Carnarvon has delved into the archives to create a book that tells the story of four real life weekends – from 1866 to 1936 – when the great and the good gathered at Highclere. Each weekend showcases the life of the house, both upstairs with the rich and famous and below stairs with the staff and employees. It looks at what should be served for dinner, the hot topics of conversation, traditional breakfasts and shooting parties with the Prince of Wales.

Felix Francis is a bestselling British crime writer. He has led expeditions to such diverse destinations as the Andes mountains and the jungles of Borneo. In addition, Felix acted as manager for his father, the literary legend Dick Francis. At the age of 80, Dick retired but the baton has been successfully taken up by Felix who has written the nine most recent ‘Dick Francis’ novels, which have been on the Times best-seller lists in London and New York.

To make a reservation please call Northcote on: 01254 240555

Northcote Road, Langho BB6 8BE
01254 240555



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