Live An Intentional Life

Helen Sanderson chatted to the woman who has made it her mission in life to help people create intentional lives

Laura Pearson is a life coach who works with individuals who want to declutter their homes and lives to make room to live more freely.

Laura explained: “I help women to come back to themselves, get clear about what they want, and let go of clutter, so that they can create intentional lives, minds and homes. I take women from feeling unfulfilled, lost, stuck and burnt out, to being clear, fulfilled, confident, purposeful and excited about their lives.”

When Laura graduated in 2015 she took a respected, graduate position. It was then she began to realise the idea of a ‘successful career’ of long hours, fast pace and highly competitive were not aligned with her personal ideals. She watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

“Minimalism had a profound effect on my life”, said Laura. “It documents people who have dedicated their lives to rejecting the American ideal that ‘things’ bring happiness and the virtues of how less is more.”

Laura has since trained in personal coaching focusing on how to help people break the attachment to things. She takes people through a process, which is often emotional, looking at their home or workspace and understanding what’s important and adds real value to their life.

“Many people like to hold onto sentimental things and that’s fine, but if they are keeping it because they feel they have to then it could be holding them back. I help people part with things that have no use or value to them and we part with them in a way that feels right for the individual, from gifting, recycling, selling or throwing in the bin.

I take women from having cluttered, disorganised spaces that they feel stressed and embarrassed about, to creating calm, organised spaces that they can relax in, enjoy and be proud of.”

Laura offers a 1:1 Coaching Programme which enables individuals to become clear about what they really want whilst transforming their mind-set and energy. She also offers a Decluttering & Organising package where she helps you to confidently let go of clutter in a calming and non-judgemental approach.



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