Artist Tony Bentley has won two major awards within a week

Tony Bentley, artist and photographer at The Keep gallery, Clitheroe has had a great week at the office. He returned from a short holiday to find he’d not only won a commendation in the Landscape Photographer of the Year but also won Artisan Business of the Year in the Ribble Valley Business Awards.

“I’m over the moon with this – I’ve been lucky enough to have been shortlisted three times but never made the award winners list until now! It means my shot of a bleak and wintry car wash in Great Harwood will be shown in the annual exhibition at London Waterloo, where quarter of a million people pass through every day. It also means I’ll be included in the ‘Collection 12 – Landscape Photographer of the Year’ hardback book which I’m thrilled about.”

Landscape Photographer of the Year was founded in 2006 by Charlie Waite, one of today’s most respected landscape photographers.

Tony’s gallery, The Keep, was also a winner in the Ribble Valley Business Awards.

“We were blown away to have been awarded the Artisan Business 2018 award, especially being up against two outstanding businesses in the finals. Julia, my incredibly supportive and patient wife is a massive part of the gallery and is the face you will see most, allowing me to create a lot of the work that goes into the shop. With the help of friends and family it’s been brilliant to have been recognised.”

Tony’s work can be seen in The Keep gallery, just off Castlegate, Clitheroe or at: www.thekeep.online



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