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Part two of melt’s timeless quest to feature world class, results-driven, skincare – Medik8

THE PROBLEM Good skin health rarely happens by chance.
No matter how genetically lucky we may be, there comes a time when our skin just doesn’t feel, or look, how we want it to. Advancing years, too many holidays chasing the sun and the onset of the perimenopause, all take their toll. Lines and wrinkles become much more pronounced, tone and elasticity decrease, pigmentation increases and that all elusive luminosity becomes, well… elusive!

WHAT WORKS Our own challenges with the above, led us to look at what REALLY works to make skin look healthier and younger. We quickly realised that injectables weren’t for us. They may help with fine lines and wrinkles, but they don’t improve the health of the skin or make it glow – and they can create an unnatural look. So our first step was to work from the inside out and we introduced Rejuvenate – the award winning collagen drink – to our skincare portfolio. Using marine collagen, it stimulates our own collagen production to replace what we are losing with age.

THE SCIENCE Our next step was to find a skincare brand that went far beyond pretty lotions and potions, where most of your money is taken up by the marketing and packaging. We were looking for serious science and clinically proven ingredients that challenged the skin to become fitter and healthier. Which is how we came to stock Medik8.

WHY MEDIK8 In 2009 Medik8 invented the CSA Philosophy, a method which is becoming widely accepted throughout the industry as the gold standard for protecting younger skin from the effects of ageing, and helping older skin behave in a younger way. It is grounded in science and is proven to work – use a vitamin C plus sunscreen by day and a vitamin A (Retinoids) by night. That’s it.

If it’s so simple, then the question is, ‘Why aren’t other companies offering this?’ The answer, is vitamin C and Retinoids are notoriously difficult to stabilise and so cease to be effective at best – and can be irritating at worst. Medik8 has developed and patented ways to preserve the power of these ingredients so that your skin enjoys optimum results without irritation.

If you follow their simple advice, they believe you can look 40 when you’re 50.

As with all these things, a healthy dose of realistic expectation is necessary, as is a willingness to invest five minutes twice a day to deliver these formulations. But if you do that, expect to see a dramatic improvement in the way your skin looks within a few weeks – and this continues resulting in smoother, brighter, firmer skin with increased tone and that all elusive luminosity.

With these products, slow and steady wins the race. Go too strong or too fast and it may be too much for your skin to handle, so melt can guide you on the correct use and entry level for your skin type and age, and advise when to step up to the next level for continued improvement.

Prices from £29. Loyalty scheme with purchase.
For a more in-depth telephone consultation, or to book an appointment to discuss this in person, please call 01200 443377

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