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Exciting times are afoot for Much Hoole’s SK Hair & Beauty Ltd which has become the first Signature Nail Systems (SNS) exclusive salon in the UK

SNS – the inventors of the dipping powder and rated number one by consumers worldwide, has a base that is packed with nutrients in a growing choice of dazzling colours. The effect is dramatic; with every use of the new formula improving the nail bed and leading to a strong, durable surface that gives nails a stunningly rich and radiant look, which feels light and natural.

SNS was established 24 years ago and with its mission to take the lead in combining health and beauty, is constantly bringing fresh ideas to the market. These are more than new products, they are new concepts, based on intensive work by SNS scientists from around the world.

As well as a wider range of colours than any other major brand, SNS introduced the first and best French polish dipping system and has created nail lacquers for your pedicures that perfectly match other SNS products. While millions are turning their attention to SNS dipping powders, some people still prefer gels so SNS has now introduced an entirely new gel product, again formulated to be healthier for the nails. Once again, SNS scientists focused on how to combine ingredients leading to a stunningly beautiful look, whilst protecting the natural nail. The result is ‘GelStar’, one of the most important nail innovations in recent years.

SK Hair & Beauty Ltd
SK Hair & Beauty Ltd has become the only approved SNS training academy in the UK (excluding Ireland), meaning it will be recruiting for the very best nail technicians and trainers the north west has to offer from the start of 2018.
Salon owner Safina Kirby, said: “After six months of negotiations, we have secured a major international contract for Scotland, England and Wales, allowing salons up and down the country to train and become accredited to provide a world-renowned nail product, SNS, in their own business. Salons will find that customers keep coming back for the amazing product experience.

“We are looking to create new jobs in the north west and beyond and we invite you to join us in this journey whether that’s as a trainer, nail technician or salon.”

The Much Hoole salon is looking for at least 12 nail technicians with a minimum level 3 recognised qualification and several years of relevant work experience.

Training will begin with a short course in the UK where applicants can demonstrate their skill and learn about the product. Following on from this SK Hair & Beauty Ltd will take trainees on a technician course to Portugal that they must pass to progress. To gain master accreditation trainees will then be taken to Orlando, Florida, for further instruction and final accreditation with SNS.

For those fortunate enough to undertake this experience there will be the chance to continue as technicians in the main salon or to progress further in the organisation as master trainers.

SK Hair & Beauty Ltd will also be offering training for salon owners and their staff in SNS application. There will be the opportunity for other salons to receive more advanced training and to also become SNS exclusive.

As well as training rights, SK Hair & Beauty Ltd has the exclusive rights to distribute SNS products throughout Scotland and is a key wholesale distributor for England and Wales. This means that it will always hold the full range of SNS products and will offer customers looking for beautiful, healthy nails a choice of 400 plus colours in its Much Hoole Salon together with all the other great products.

With this distribution contract, the salon is confident this will mean more jobs flowing into the north west from its head office in Much Hoole for packing and distribution.

If you are a salon owner and would like to discuss training and becoming an approved stockist contact Gregory Kirby at:

For more information about SK Hair & Beauty Ltd, visit:

SK Hair & Beauty Ltd
Unit 2a Bridge Court
Liverpool New Road
Much Hoole, Preston PR4 5BF
01772 619899



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