Make 2019 Your Year!

Get ready to make it the best year yet!

2019 has officially arrived – we can take the tree down and put the craziness of Christmas behind us. Around the turn of the New Year is the time when most people reflect on what the previous year has brought them and begin to set their minds on their dreams for the year ahead.

For many, January brings about the start of a new chapter. It may be that 2018 wasn’t quite your year and you’re hoping that 2019 will be. Even if your 2018 was filled mostly with happy memories, you may still want to make the New Year even bigger and better than the last. So much can change in the space of 12 months – if you set yourself some clear goals and stay focused on achieving them, think about where you could be this time next year!

Now is the best time to enforce the positive changes you have been wanting to make. As the book of 2018 closes, your new chapter can officially begin, and there’s no better time than the present!

The New Year is usually when most people are feeling more motivated to make those changes than ever. After the ultimate indulgence of Christmas, it may be that joining the gym to get fit, eating healthily or losing some weight is your New Year’s goal. If this is the case, it’s important to make a start as soon as you can. Make 2019 the year that you stop putting things off. Join that gym, go on that run, start that diet, and kick off your New Year by replacing a bad habit with a good one!

Whether your resolution involves quitting smoking, cutting back on the beer, losing weight, saving money or spending more time with the family, setting yourself small targets and monitoring your own progress is a great way to ensure you stay focused. It’s also important to share your goals with the people around you – telling a co-worker or friend about your resolution will mean that you have someone there for support, someone who will bring you back on track and remind you of your goals when you need them to.

The New Year’s resolution is a long-standing tradition for many, and although you might not have managed to achieve your goals in the past, why not make 2019 your year? If you plan ahead, keep yourself organised and stay positive, you’ll be unstoppable!

A whole year lies in waiting – what will you do with it?



Tedd Walmsley

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