As we approach the end of the tax year, your local building society, Marsden Building Society are here to ensure you make the best use of your tax-free savings allowance with your ISA

Your money will grow tax-free
The key benefit is that any money you hold within an ISA is tax free. An ISA offers a great way to save your money in a way that minimises the amount you’re paying in tax. Your 2018/19 ISA allowance is £20,000, so making the most of these tax benefits and using up your ISA allowance year on year is definitely recommended for savers.

If you don’t use your allowance, you’ll lose it
You get a tax free allowance each year and you cannot carry any unused ISA allowance over to the next year, so it’s a case of use it before the end of the tax year on April 5 – or lose it. Make your ISA a priority today to ensure it’s working hard for you.

Decide what ISA works for you
Make sure your choice of ISA fits your needs, we offer two, three and five year ISAs as well as notice accounts, such as our Branch Cash ISA 120 where you can access your money with 120 days’ notice via any of our branches.

Keep an eye on your existing ISA
It is essential to keep an eye on the rates being paid on your current ISA to ensure your money is working hard for you. Look out for opportunity to transfer your previous ISA allowance in with this years allowance if your existing rate is lower than you’re looking for. Not all ISA providers are open to transfers – but ours are! For easy access ISAs, you’re able to transfer in whenever or if you’re looking to open a fixed rate ISA you can transfer in when you open this. Make sure you shop around, not all providers will appear on comparison sites so it’s worth doing some research around your local building societies too.

Your cash ISA will only retain its tax-free status if you let your provider organise the switch
As long as you are not locked in to a fixed-rate period, you are free to move your cash to a new account – but it is vital that you don’t simply withdraw the money as you’ll lose its tax-free status. Our friendly team in branch can organise the transfer for you or if you have any questions, get in touch with our Savings Team on 01282 440500.

At the Marsden, we can help your money work harder so pop in and have a conversation with our local branch team or call us on 01282 440500. If you’re looking to open an account there are no appointments required, simply visit our website for information on what you need to bring with you!

Marsden Building Society
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