A wedding usually starts with a proposal… and a diamond. But while planning your big day is said to be one of the most stressful things, it needn’t be, writes Tom Haworth

Whether you’re torn between two or three stunning venues and you’ve yet to find that perfect dress, don’t fret, there’s lots of help and advice at hand when you are planning a wedding.

It all begins with deciding which elements are important to you. A wedding budget checklist is a good way to ensure you focus on the important things without the costs getting out of hand.

Of course, one of the biggest things to check off the list is the venue. A good place to start is a wedding guide.  Browse photos of local wedding venues and get a feel for what’s available and within your budget.

Creating a venue spreadsheet is a good way of keeping track of all your research. Things such as location, capacity, availability, layout and parking should all be considered.

Most wedding venues hold open days where you can go and look around and see if it’s for you. It’s also a good idea to think about overspill accommodation for guests.

We are blessed with so many fantastic venues and just as many country inns and hotels that can perfectly accommodate your guests.

If you’re thinking about a church wedding it’s important to know the costs. There is a required legal fee for marrying in a church. This covers the cost of the church, the marriage certificate, lighting and all administration. Other additional costs may include heating, flower arrangements and the printing of extra copies of the marriage certificate.

No wedding is complete without a cake, and there are some fabulous creations that can follow your own personal wedding theme.

And no fairytale wedding is complete without the perfect dress – once you’ve found a gown that you never want to take off, you may have just found ‘the one’!

Planning a wedding doesn’t need to be high pressured – plan ahead, keep your calm and enjoy the process. And when your wedding day arrives everything will be just perfect.



Tedd Walmsley

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