Alevere Therapy at Alevere Lancashire is a medically monitored programme that produces proven results – fast. Photography: DocB Photography

The Alevere Programme is unique in that it offers a fast and safe weight loss, which is completely doctor-led. Clients are monitored throughout their weight loss journey, by a team of fully qualified doctors and clinical therapists.

Aside from the rapid weight loss, clients report many other health benefits of the programme, including the reversal of type 2 diabetes, decreased joint pain, improved fertility, a reduction in menopausal symptoms and the reversal of sleep apnoea – and that’s naming just a few.

On starting their Alevere journey, clients have a consultation with one of the doctors. At this appointment, they undertake a Medgem breathing test, which gives their resting metabolic rate (how many calories the body needs at rest, to function). They also have a full blood test, so that the doctor can ensure suitability for the programme, and adjust supplements if necessary. The doctor discusses their medical history, identifies their target weight and predict how long it will take them to get there – this is their ‘treatment plan’.

During treatment, clients have regular reviews with the doctor, to ensure they are on track so that liver and kidney function can be monitored, through further blood tests. Clients have additional monitoring from a therapist, who they see on a weekly basis for the body contouring treatments. The therapist will check weight loss, blood pressure and run through a health questionnaire. Therapist Lisa Lowton says: “I enjoy developing a rapport with people. The client experience is paramount. I ensure all clients are looked after and given support and guidance throughout their journey.”

When our clients reach their target weight and complete the programme, they have a final consultation with the doctor. They have another Medgem breathing test, to find out how many calories their new, slimmer body requires, to give a guideline of how to maintain their new body weight. The doctor will give advice and encouragement to assist them with meal planning, in line with their new calorific needs.

Dr John Maguire says: “It’s extremely satisfying for me, as a clinician, to help guide clients through the programme, and to see them achieve ambitious weight loss targets that would have been unrealistic in any other situation.”

Aftercare is also an important part of the programme. Clients are encouraged to return for a short follow up appointment with the doctor, so that we can continue to support them with their weight maintenance. Clinic manager Natalie Howarth says: “Most clients like to come back for follow up body contouring treatments too as they say that keeping in touch with the clinic keeps them focused and helps prevent weight creeping back on.”

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