A beautiful, boutique art gallery has opened its doors to showcase some stunning work from talented northern artists. Photography: Robin Lyndon

In amongst Accrington’s array of eclectic shops are some real gems. One of the most recent is Buffalo Studio a contemporary art gallery showing and selling wall and sculptural art from renowned and up and coming artists.

The gallery would happily sit in a city like Manchester or London or as one customer commented recently: “This gallery would fit perfectly on 5th Avenue in New York.” He should know, he lived there for many years.

Buffalo Studio forms a gleaming white backdrop for an eclectic mix of beautiful artwork, sculpture and glasswork and is currently showing a mixed exhibition of artists from around the North West. The studio also has a series of inspirational upcoming events including an exhibition by an internationally renowned professor of art, an Open Exhibition, a Home is Where the Art is Exhibition, as well as evenings of music and poetry.

Taking care of people’s personal art preferences in the gallery is Colin Wright, who was born and bred in Accrington. His inspiration for the gallery was his lifelong fascination with all aspects of art and his vast experience in dealing with customers.

Artists currently exhibiting at Buffalo Studio are:

Edward Foster
A visionary artist whose work is collected throughout Europe, Canada and Australia, Edward paints mainly in oils and finds inspiration in nature and the beautiful countryside of the Forest of Bowland.

Michael Howley
The natural world, particularly landscape, skies and seascapes are Michael’s dominant inspirations. He has a love of the landscape on misty mornings and sunsets, his work is moody and atmospheric reflecting the stillness and the wildness of changing seas and skies.

Jane Richmond
A recent winner of TV’s Home is Where the Art is, Jane works in ceramics which are hand crafted and fired in her own kiln. A former teacher, Jane also paints using acrylics and oils. Inspired by worldwide culture and human emotion, she has an appreciation of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles as they lend themselves to her work as a sculptor.

Emma Wood
Working in fused glass, Emma was also a contender on TV’s Home is Where the Art is. Based near Manchester, her work has been showcased throughout the world and she has had permanent exhibitions in Wisconsin and New York. She uses kiln-formed fused glass to produce striking, bold, contemporary glass panels for both domestic and architectural spaces.

Bruce Rimell
Bruce is a visionary artist whose work is vibrant and rendered in a vivid style with textures reminiscent of frescoes and graffiti art. It is a cross between painting, drawing and illustration that challenges the viewer to look beyond a contemporary piece of art to appreciate the visionary sensations common to cultures past and present.

Kurtis L Perrigo
A self-taught sculptor, Kurtis has created many stunning sculptures since 2016. Being a professional metal polisher, he graduated into sculpture through his drawing skills, his love of form and knowledge of metals to make superb sculptural stainless steel art. He makes each sculpture from individual pieces of stainless steel, which are shaped, welded and polished using hand tools.

Richard Davies
Freeform sculptor Richard Davies from Burnley works in reclaimed materials regarding them as being saved in order to discover a new beauty. He finds inspiration in the ebb and flow of the natural world and the ever-evolving shape of the landscape.

Professor John Hyatt
Great Skies Are Open: Solo Exhibition from 31st May to 3rd July.
An internationally acclaimed contemporary artist and musician. John is also a singer/songwriter with legendary post-punk band the Three Johns. He has exhibited widely in the UK as well as Australia, Brazil, China, India, Ireland, Portugal, Japan and the USA.

Running alongside the premise of BBC’s Home is Where the Art is, Buffalo Studio has artists ready to create that special piece of commissioned wall art or sculpture made specifically for you

Buffalo Studio
6-8 Whalley Road, Accrington BB5 1AA
01254 238558
07565 845291



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