Mission To End Unnecessary Pain

The New Year sees Andrew Byrne MCSP HCPC and the team at True Physio on a mission to get their patients pain-free and back in action

“Everyday in our clinics we see people who have put up with pain for months, or have stopped doing the things they love because of pain. A huge majority of these people, had they come earlier, could have been feeling fine and doing everything they wanted, long before that time. It’s so frustrating to see the number of people who just put up with pain and suffer because of it.”

This was what Andy Byrne (pictured top left), who founded True Physio at the start of 2018, had to say about the key reason for creating the company. Andy and Keith Johnstone (pictured top right), who now adds his considerable experience to the management team at True Physio, along with the passionate staff at their six clinics, are on a mission in 2019 and beyond, to end unnecessary pain and help people do the things they love.

“People shouldn’t have to put up with pain and feel helpless. They should be able to fight back and do the things they want to do,” adds Keith.

Both Andy and Keith make it clear that pain is an important part of our lives. It’s the body’s way of protecting us, and is important, and sometimes it is very difficult to reduce it, but usually there is something that can be done to make their patients more comfortable and more in control of their health.

Andy gets particularly frustrated by people struggling on with pain at this time of year.

“Every January, there is a lot of talk of ‘New Year and new you’. We love to support people in their goals and help them in any way that we can. Unfortunately, we do see a lot of people who have started exercise in the New Year as a resolution, coming into the clinics. But even worse than that, there will be far more people who won’t come into the clinics, will let an injury stop them reaching their goals and simply give up. We want to stop that happening to as many people as we can.”

True Physio opened their first clinic in Sale in February, followed rapidly by their clinic in Whalley. Since then they have added further clinics across the North West and Manchester, each one with the same focus on helping people fight back against pain. They are very proud of their clinics and their staff and take their responsibility very seriously.

Andy and Keith believe that if a pain is avoidable, then it should be treated and normal life resumed as soon as possible. “Pain is horrible. It’s a nasty experience that can take all the fun out of life, and we are very privileged to be able to help people rid themselves of it. Life today is so fast paced, and we’re used to being able to order items and get them the next day, download a box set instantly, or access information at the touch of a button, yet people seem content to stay in pain for weeks, or months. It doesn’t make sense.”

To help more people fight back against pain, True Physio will be running free workshops, webinars and online consultations to give people advice, as well as providing treatment in their clinics.

For more information, go to: www.truephysio.co.uk or follow them on Facebook @TruePhysioUK



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