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Ribble Valley-based company House of Clarity is rewriting the rulebook on sober socialising with its premium collection of sophisticated, award-winning non-alcoholic drinks from around the world. Photography: Kirsten Platt

With Christmas on the horizon, social events and special occasions will soon be in full swing.

For those looking for alternatives during this festive period, House of Clarity has an extensive collection of complex, alcohol-free beverages that don’t compromise taste, enjoyment or experience.

Whether toasting a celebration or pairing a delicious wine with a Michelin-starred meal, their impressive premium portfolio is unrivalled and celebrated by sommeliers and mixologists alike.

Behind the scenes at House of Clarity are entrepreneurial sisters Abigayle Clayton-Grimshaw and Sophie Birtwell, who have made it their mission to seek out some of the world’s finest producers of non-alcoholic drinks.

“We are seeing a moderation trend sweeping across global markets, with people preferring to moderate their choices, rather than opting out completely,” says Sophie.

Since launching House of Clarity, Abigayle and Sophie have become trailblazers, forging a reputation for their extensive knowledge and their carefully curated portfolio, with both hospitality and event venues across the country.

They are the exclusive UK distributor of Prima Pavé, Italy’s most awarded non-alcoholic sparkling wine and recently received their largest shipment of Rose Brut, Blanc de Blancs and Rose Dolce, with extensive plans to launch the products to their partners over the coming months.

Retailing online and to the hospitality trade, other world-class names in the portfolio include Pentire, French Bloom and Wild Idol – unique in that it is naturally alcohol-free: “Wild Idol is produced using the same careful techniques found in traditional winemaking. Yet, unlike many other alcohol-free wines that are de-alcoholised, Wild Idol is made with such precision that it never creates alcohol,” says Abigayle.

House of Clarity also has a collection of premium sophisticated seltzers from Double Dutch and Something & Nothing as well as the unique Jukes Cordialities created by wine expert Matthew Jukes.

“After over a year of internationally sampling and sourcing products, we shared these findings with industry experts to refine our range and create the specialist portfolio that we offer today.

“Whilst some beverages may take on similar characteristics to traditional spirits and wines, the non-alcoholic industry is producing completely new beverages too that warrant their own category behind the bar from Kombucha to botanical aperitifs.”

House of Clarity supports venues in crafting sophisticated, margin-driving menus as well as listing their top premium drinks online for customers to buy directly.

All products are individually hand-wrapped in luxury, monogrammed packaging making them the perfect personal or corporate gift.

“There are many reasons why people may prefer to opt out of alcohol on occasion or altogether, but abstaining from alcohol shouldn’t force a lesser or altered experience.

“Luxury alternatives disrupt the notion that drinking alcohol is necessary. They are shifting the modern mindset and presenting a privilege of choice for generations to come.”



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