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Glasses have become much more of a fashion statement with an increasing number of people embracing and enjoying their eyewear and seeing their glasses as an accessory, much like a beautiful watch or ring, writes Meena McDonald

Imagine being able to combine your stunning eyewear with handmade environmentally friendly products. The Spectacle Factory’s exclusive Lucas de Staël glasses enable you to not only look spectacular but also feel incredibly comfortable wearing completely natural products such as leather and, believe it or not, even stone!

This unique range, created in Paris, uses only natural materials and is finished entirely by hand.

The production of these exceptional leather glasses is on a limited scale and only three pairs are hand-produced to absolute perfection each day. One pair of Lucas de Staël leather glasses takes 30 steps to produce from start to finish and can be crafted individually in the material and colour of each customer’s choosing.

As the only UK stockist of these glasses, The Spectacle Factory has experienced a huge upsurge in interest from customers in the past year.

It isn’t just their beauty and soft leather comfort which appeals to people but also their functionality. The soft attractive leather means their durability is rather astounding and unlike standard glasses, which are rigid and easily breakable, these are much more flexible and robust. As with any leather product they also age gracefully and look even more impressive the longer you possess them, making the longevity and sustainability of the glasses much more appealing to customers.

There’s a fantastic range of colours, shapes and finishes from which to choose, they are remarkably striking, so you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

A different collection made in the same factory in Paris is the ‘Undostrial’ range (pictured above), delivering a much more simplistic and minimalist sporty style. The unique and quirky name comes from the fact that they are created by hand and in the least industrial way possible!

Each pair is created from just one piece of metal and is therefore incredibly durable and light with absolutely no screws, making it completely maintenance free. As with the leather range, only a handful are made each day. The subtlety and comfort make this a very popular choice with customers who want a more minimalist aesthetic. They are customisable with any side colour of your choice.

Another independent eyewear collection stocked by The Spectacle Factory is ‘Eco’ eyewear (pictured above) which is made from recycled metal and bio-based plastics. It’s a really fun and affordable range for the more price and eco-conscious customer. All Eco Eyewear frames come with a magnetic sunclip, so they are glasses and sunglasses in one.

The Spectacle Factory showcases a wide range of its high-quality glasses on its YouTube channel, which can be accessed via the QR code below. You’ll be able to view the eclectic range of products which you can then discuss with the knowledgeable and personable team. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of visiting the showroom please go along, you’ll be astounded by the welcoming and stylish surroundings. It really is a far cry from your standard opticians.

The fascinating YouTube videos demonstrate the range of outstanding products available as well as the advanced testing techniques and exclusive equipment utilised to ensure each customer has the best vision possible. The videos have helped to broaden the customer base of The Spectacle Factory, which now has many customers from America, the Middle East and Asia who purchase glasses following a comprehensive online consultation with the vision specialists.

The Spectacle Factory really is exceptional in its approach to your eye health investing in the most innovative technology to provide the highest care possible and delivering a superb choice of glasses with brands such as Cartier, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Chloe and Chopard, as well as many unique independent collections sourced from all over the world.

Go and take a look for yourself.

The Spectacle Factory
Unit 1, Dewhurst Row
Bamber Bridge
Preston PR5 6BB
01772 312213



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