The beauty industry is largely unregulated. Knowing your beautician/aesthetician is registered, highly certified and Harley Street trained, is very reassuring, writes Susan Osborne

Don’t let that flawless, radiant skin and youthful looks fool you into thinking Emma Pearce is too young to have 16 years’ industry experience. This lady knows what she is doing. She openly admits to using the treatments she offers on herself, a wonderful testament to confidence in the products and the fabulous results they achieve.

Totally dedicated to non-invasive treatments, Emma offers the very latest treatments and therapies.

Injectable fillers such as Restylane and Botox are old hat now, and no longer necessary. Emma’s customers find, although non-invasive treatment results may take a little longer, they are longer lasting and importantly, completely safe. The beneficial wellbeing and confidence factors should be considered too.

Mesotherapy, is one of Emma’s most popular anti-ageing treatments. This micro-needling technique stimulates natural regeneration, triggering reformation and deposition of fresh reconstructing collagen and elastin. With the micro-needling device, Mesotech is infused to the subdermal layer of skin using various ingredients to accelerate results.

The Dermapen is used to deliver different cocktails of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and coenzymes found naturally in skin, deep into the area where rejuvenation and cell growth take place. It treats a variety of conditions and helps skin regain its natural elasticity, shape and glow. Rejuvin, is an anti-ageing formula and Brightening, is used for pigmentation improvements. All of Emma’s infusions are FDA approved. Another good reason for choosing an experienced, fully registered professional.

“With Mesotherapy, you can get a whole new flawless skin,” says Emma enthusiastically.

Even one treatment can show results, though she recommends a course of four to eight, for a long-lasting effect. The famous celebrity endorsed Freddie Felix LA facelift, uses Mesotherapy.

Radio Frequency, is another top-trending, non-invasive treatment which Emma offers, (reportedly Amanda Holden’s top treatment,) using a Diamond Peel to prepare skin. Radio Frequency is administered from a state-of-the-art machine, which heats deep into dermal layers. It produces a skin-tightening effect and works over expression lines. Emma recommends at least four treatments for muscle memory to kick in, to give longer-lasting results.

Emma’s Ultimate Facial, uses a combination of treatments: Photo Rejuvenation, for thread veins and pigmentation, for an even skin tone, Diamond Peel, for removing dead cells and preparing skin for Radio Frequency skin-tightening therapy.

To look and feel younger but still look like you and achieve this through a safe means, under the care and guidance of a professional, simply visit EMA Cosmetic and Beauty Clinic and begin your journey to a new you.

Mesotherapy or Radiotherapy and Skin Tightening Treatment
20 per cent off single first treatment.
(If you decide to have a course of treatments a further 20 per cent off four treatments will be honoured.)
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EMA Cosmetic Beauty Clinic
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(First floor in TONI&GUY)
01772 821600



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