Object of Desire

Suzuki Intruder & Vilner

Check out this modern interpretation of the classic Suzuki Intruder, which Vilner has transformed into a unique one-off with a mix of traditional leather treatment methods and state-of-the-art painting techniques. The bike is the first made by Vilner to present the studio’s new colour palette. Established in 1996, Vilner Studio is a place where rides from all over the world receive complete makeovers by talented designers and craftsmen. The Intruder is finished in ‘patinated copper’ achieved with six layers of paint. The coating is extremely durable and weatherproof, but it is also tactile to the touch because of the texture. The vintage look is boosted by copperized rims and brake rotors. The natural vegetable-tanned leather has been hand carved by traditional techniques, and the ‘V’ logo also features. Can a bike be a work of art? Most certainly, yes!



Tedd Walmsley

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