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Savoir No 1 Khangai Limited Edition

British brand and noble yarn specialist, Tengri, has joined forces with prestigious bed maker, Savoir Beds, to develop a bespoke limited edition. Made with Tengri’s premium yak fibres, the Savoir No1 Khangai offers the ultimate in sustainable luxury.

Eight kilograms of noble yak fibres, hand-combed from 80 indigenous semi-wild yaks fills the bed’s legendary topper and mattress system. Khangai yak have hair with unique textures and colourings producing a fibre that is as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool and naturally odour and water resistant.

Taking the art of fine bed-making to unimagined levels of comfort and luxury, the bed is inspired by designs and construction methods dating back to Edwardian glamour and luxury. With a limited edition of just 50, the bed is handcrafted in Savoir Beds’ London workshop and features incomparable levels of craftsmanship.

The frame is made of hardwood beech, crafted with handmade dovetail joints and features Makassar ebony trim, suede upholstery and a flexible, hand-tied cane edge.

Prices start at £64,075 for the full bed. The Savoir No1 Khangai topper can be bought separately at £12,025.



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