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With every organisation having to make changes to the way they operate during Covid-19, we talk to one charity whose services have been even more vital during these difficult times

In a time where so many people have had to isolate, in particular the over 70s, Age UK Lancashire has been busier than ever, providing support to the vulnerable through a number of services.

Support at Home
In direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has provided support to people at home. This service is for people who are not able to get out and have no other support available to them.

Services include:
• Doing essential shopping
• Collecting prescriptions or other essential items
• Carrying out essential cleaning in the home
Good Day Calls – a phone call every day, seven days per week
This service provides a trusted, friendly and reassuring voice at the end of a phone, every day. In these worrying times the Age UK Lancashire recognises the importance of staying connected and just chatting about normal things such as the weather and what’s on TV can really help people.

Online Dementia Hub
A new online Dementia Support Group was launched in June using Zoom. There’s the opportunity to ask questions and obtain information on local services and to have a chat with other carers.

Its charity shops have started to re-open and it is working hard to ensure each shop has all of the social distancing and safety measures in place, for the safety of staff, volunteers, customers and people wishing to drop off donations.

Isolation appeal
Age UK Lancashire desperately needs the public’s help to support older people who are being forced into a very fearful isolation by the current Covid-19 crisis.

Over 35,000 older people across Lancashire already identify as lonely and socially isolated and the current situation means that the most vulnerable people are now feeling very scared. Many older people don’t have access to the media for up to date information or families to provide it and don’t know who to trust when they need help.

Age UK Lancashire needs to launch this service as quickly as possible so it can provide regular contact to ensure people are keeping well and feel reassured.

David Ward, the charity’s promotion manager said: “We want people to feel they are staying home to keep well and looked after rather than isolated.”

“The public’s response to the virus is heart-warming but we want to ensure that people are getting the support they need from a trusted organisation.”

“We already know our services have brought reassurance to family members who may live at a distance and be unable to visit and keep in close contact owing to their own commitments.”

For further information on volunteering and supporting Age UK Lancashire, visit: ageuklancs.org.uk



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