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Release Date: 17th August
Director: Marc Forster
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Toby Jones, Peter Capaldi and Jim Cummings
Certificate: PG

Stuck in London in a gloomy office job, a grown-up Christopher Robin finds his life torn between a demanding city job and the lives of his young family. That is, until he bumps into an old, slightly threadbare friend – Winnie the Pooh. Having lost the rest of the gang somewhere along Pooh’s travels, Christopher Robin helps reunite his old friends, who also learn that Robin’s life has changed since they last saw him all those years ago. By reigniting the joys of his past, he learns to live in the present, with a little help from a few old friends.

Release Date: 22nd August
Director: Susanna Fogel
Starring: Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Gillian Anderson, Sam Heughan and Justin Theroux
Certificate: 15

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Audrey finds her life takes a sudden unexpected turn as she, and her best friend Morgan, become spontaneously embroiled in an international conspiracy theory endangering hundreds of lives. When Audrey discovers her now ex-boyfriend was a spy, and is now hiding out in their apartment being hunted down by an entourage of deadly assassins, the pair must rise to the challenge and fight to stay alive. Encountering a whole new world of assassins, violence and secrecy, the friends surprise themselves in their abilities, gallivanting around Europe in their attempt to save the world.

Release Date: 27th August
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Lily James, Glen Powell, Jessica Findley, Matthew Goode, Penelope Wilton and Katherine Parkinson
Certificate: 12A

Based on the original novel, and set in the aftermath of WWII, Lily James stars as Juliet Ashton, a young writer who strikes up an unexpected bond with the island of Guernsey and its residents. Whilst visiting in an attempt to begin her writing career with a fresh slate, her correspondence with the residents unfolds in a series of letters, explaining the still-raw hardships of life under Nazi rule in occupied Guernsey. When an idea for a new book develops for Juliet, she must help the residents to overcome the pain of the past in an effort to feel the joy of the present.



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