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With its sporty exterior and superior performance, the new MG HS is a fully fledged SUV that sits head and shoulders above the rest. Paul Agnew takes it on a test drive to discover more

With so much of today’s commercial and retail world the domain of corporate robots, the need for human beings is often deemed unnecessary.

Consequently, we have lost the ability to communicate one-to-one. A great shame.

So, when you do happen across what used to be known as ‘personal service’ it is indeed a moment to relish, a joy to behold.

Take Chorley MG Burnley, a proud car dealership with its roots in God’s own county and a family philosophy that continues to serve it well.

They still consider the customer as king.

Yes, the showrooms maybe state-of-the-art, with fancy screens and even fancier drinks machines, but the emphasis is on good, old-fashioned customer care and long may it stay that way.

My destination was Burnley, armed with a brief to find out a little more about the MG franchise which they took on in 2017.

Oh, and the mouthwatering prospect of test driving the MG HS Exclusive.

MG is, of course, a much-loved and long-standing British brand, famed as a sports car manufacturer. However, the MG of 2020 is so much more than an iconic octagonal badge. It is, once again, a motoring force on the global stage.

The current model range is impressive (there is even an electric option – more of that later) and none more so than the HS, a family-ready, compact SUV crammed with great features and next-level technology.

My trusty companion for the afternoon, the 1.5 turbo, petrol, top-of-the-range Exclusive (the Explore and Excite models make up the HS stable) comes in at under £24k.

And for that reason alone, MG’s salespeople and their bosses can sleep soundly in their beds. This is a large SUV (with all the trimmings) for the price of any number of smaller and less-equipped SUVs. It is, therefore, destined to do well.

For starters, let’s take a look under the bonnet where the engine delivers a hefty 160bhp and sufficient power to take you from 0-62 in under 10 seconds. Around 37 mpg is not to be sniffed at either.

The gearbox is ultra-smooth, the handling surprisingly light and the driving position – from the comfort of electric, leather seats – is hard to fault.

So often on test drives you need to take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the controls. Here the familiarity was instant. Someone has done a great job with the internal lay-out, arranging the things you need most to be exactly where you expect they should be.

No-one could possibly accuse MG of skimping on gadgets and equipment. From keyless entry and start, a large infotainment touchscreen with all manner of connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, lane-keeping assistant, blindspot monitoring, parking sensors, rear-view camera – it’s all here. Not forgetting sat-nav, DAB radio, heated seats. climate control LED headlights, panoramic sunroof – I could go on.

I still can’t quite believe the on-the-road price. Sometimes ‘low’ price can imply corners have been cut. Not here.

Incidentally, a couple of useful USB ports and a 12V socket can be found under a lid near the gear-lever and, for those who enjoy a coffee-to-go, the cupholders can handle a large latte.

All round visibility, regularly over-looked as a ‘key’ car feature, is very good too.

Make no mistake, the MG HS is a winner. It boasts punch and class and represents incredible value and it is well worth popping along to Chorley Burnley to see and feel for yourself.

Apparently, a hybrid version is on its way, but the electric ZS is already here. The ZS EV family crossover is another superb MG, with a range of 163 miles and a price tag of under £23k. A fully-electric MG – now who would have ever thought that possible?

Chorley MG Burnley
Westgate, Burnley BB11 1RY
01282 969094



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