As always, Westholme is rising to the challenge! With increased demand for places at top independent schools, Westholme has created greater capacity, especially in the Prep School, writes Meena McDonald

With several of the year groups already full, and expanding over into two classes, Westholme is fully geared up and excited to welcome new students to its unrivalled holistic environment, which delivers the academic rigour expected of such a distinctive school.

Many students are joining the Prep School in Year 6 in readiness for the Senior part of the school, knowing they have a guaranteed place in Year 7 once they’re at the school.

The construction of the impressive new Prep School is continuing apace and the excitement and anticipation can certainly be felt throughout the whole school for the grand opening in September 2022. The new Prep School will bring forth the long-held vision that all pupils aged from four to 18 will be educated on the beautifully rural Wilmar Lodge campus, bringing together the complete Westholme family on to one site.

Dr Richard Robson, Principal at Westholme School, commented: “We’re investing in Westholme and building a truly holistic education for students throughout Lancashire and parts of Greater Manchester. Bringing all the students together into one area and linking them from the age of four to 18 is part of our vision for the future. The younger children in the Prep School have full access not only to the phenomenal range of facilities the school provides, but also to the older students.

“The students in the INSPIRED Sixth Form who act as mentors, inspire the younger ones to realise they have the full support within the school to become confident young adults, who can achieve their wonderful aspirations.”

One distinctive hallmark anyone visiting Westholme will instantly witness is the warmth and friendliness of the school. Students can be seen happily walking around and chatting with smiles on their faces in between lessons and during breaks, being politely helpful to fellow students and their teachers. The interaction between the students as well as with the teachers is very endearing to watch.

Dr Robson continues: “The Student Executive from the INSPIRED Sixth Form regularly lead the school assembly. At one recent assembly, the theme they chose was ‘gratitude’. They challenged the whole school to be thankful for what they have and take a step back and be genuinely appreciative of every aspect of life. The students even linked gratitude to the science of positive endorphins and how they impact human emotions.

“It was incredible to watch the faces of the younger students who were in awe of what they saw and heard. One student even commented that the school was ‘one in a million’ which was truly overwhelming to hear. Confident, motivated, intelligent young adults inspiring the younger students is what we believe makes Westholme so unique.”

The school inculcates workplace skills within the heart of the curriculum to encourage students to achieve their aspirations whatever they are, whilst helping them to build the qualities they require in adulthood such as independence, problem solving, creativity, leadership and confidence to prepare them to become 21st century entrepreneurs.

The altruistic environment created by Dr Robson and the teaching staff means the students are all down to earth and personable, aware of the fantastic opportunity their parents have afforded them through their sheer hard work and determination to provide them with the best prospects for their future.

The academic rigour of the school isn’t a recent phenomenon as anyone attending the official opening of the Prep School on Friday 16th September 2022 will discover. Professor Sophie Scott CBE FMedSci FBA, who is a British neuroscientist and Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow at University College London, is testament to this. She is a proud alumna of the school and when she was awarded her CBE recently, she cited Dr Bond, the third Principal of Westholme, as the inspiration to achieve her aspirations.

Dr Robson concludes: “The students in the Prep School, really do receive the whole package, having all the advantages of the incredible facilities at Westholme such as the swimming pool, tennis courts, theatre, outdoor space and recording studios to name but a few.

“But most importantly it is having access to all the ambitious students throughout the school, including the INSPIRED Sixth Form students who act as role models, enthusing and motivating them to achieve their goals whilst having fun and gaining a first-class education.”

Come along for a Westholme taster day to see the amazing difference a top independent holistic school can make to your child.

The official Annual Open Evening will take place on Thursday 6th October 2022 and everyone is encouraged to come along and witness first-hand what makes the school so unique.

If you would like to find out more about how your child would benefit from such a well-rounded education, call 01254 506070 and the team will happily have a chat with you or arrange for you to pop in at any time for a private tour to look around this remarkable school.

Westholme School
Wilmar Lodge, Meins Road
Blackburn BB2 6QU
01254 506070



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