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Porsche specialists Jasmine PorschaLink UK reflect on a busy 2019 and look ahead to an even busier 2020

It has been a very busy year for Porsche specialist Jasmine PorschaLink UK. Recent investment in the latest 3-D wheel alignment geometry systems, upgrades to its lifting equipment and modernisation of its diagnostic systems is paying dividends as the service team enjoys increasing numbers of bookings of not only Porsche sports cars but also Porsche family cars and an increasing number of specialist non-Porsche cars like Maserati, Mercedes, Audi, Italian thoroughbreds such as Lamborghini and Ferrari and even some American muscle cars such as the Cobra and Corvette.

“It’s amazing what people around here have hidden in their garages!” says owner Chris Gateley.

Chris acquired the business in May 2018 and set the business to focus on customer service, service excellence and value for money: “Integrity and quality are the key drivers of our business. It is so important to us that customers know they are being professionally taken care of whatever they drive and that they are paying for what is necessary and not being taken advantage of.”

This approach is proving successful and an increasing number of Porsche service and maintenance customers are also bringing in their daily drivers or other sports cars for service.

“This year we have looked after a number of Ferrari and Lamborghini upgrades, C63 and BMW M range exhaust enhancements, a few MX5 geometry wheel alignments and a Cobra service. It’s been a really busy year!” says General Manager Jonny Higham.

Jasmine PorschaLink UK also recognised the need to offer Porsche cars for sale and that there is a gap in the market in the North West for sports cars generally.

“We are currently offering a rare one owner low mileage 928GT, a very special 997.1 GT3RS, a 993 C4 cabriolet, a 987 Boxster S and a 930 Targa. For a bit of variety we also have a beautiful MG B GT, a 1962 Triumph TR4 and a 1968 Jaguar 240. We plan to grow this offering over the next few months,” adds Jonny. All come with comprehensive history files and have been inspected and prepared for sale by Jasmine PorschaLink UK.

This year Jasmine also held four successful Sunday ‘coffee and butty mornings’ – a social catch-up bringing Porsche owners from far and wide to meet and chat about cars. Jasmine has cars ranging from beautiful 356s to the very latest 992 and frequently have a number of Aston Martin and Cobra owners visit for a coffee too – all car lovers are welcome!

“We are really pleased to see an increasing number of TIPEC NW and PCGB R18 members attending the event and thank them for their continuing custom and support in 2019.”

From outside, you would not expect the scale of the business. A short walk through and the Jasmine reception opens into a genuine treasure trove of dazzling automobiles receiving expert TLC. Alongside specialist servicing and repairs, Jasmine PorschaLink UK has extensive stocks of new and used parts and wheels for all Porsche models.

“Porsche owners know and love their cars. We give them a more involved experience here that you maybe wouldn’t get from a dealership or normal non-specialist garage. We talk customers through the process and even encourage them to have a look around their car and the work that needs doing. They don’t often see their car up on the ramp.

“We have also transformed one of the rooms into a comfortable waiting area, decorated with some impressive Porsche artwork. We offer vehicle collection for those who may not have the time to come to us or want to avoid putting unnecessary miles on the Porsche’s clock. Going that extra mile is what keeps people coming back. Our customers always get more than they bargained for, such as little fixes or cleaning the areas of the car you can’t normally reach on a Sunday wash, and it is all part of the service with no extra cost.”

Whilst Jasmine PorschaLink UK has always primarily focused on Porsche sports cars, the popularity of the wider Porsche 4×4 range, such as the Cayenne, Macan and the luxurious Panamera, has seen the business broaden its horizons: “Drivers of these family-friendly Porsche cars understand that their car is an expensive, high performance vehicle and it must be looked after, not only to maintain its performance but also its value. Proper servicing by Porsche-trained technicians and independent service stamps help performance and valuations. We don’t want people to think we only look after the classic sports cars. Our new equipment now allows us to accommodate the larger cars in the Porsche range.

“We plan to be busy this winter fitting two major projects around our regular customer service and maintenance work. The first is a rebuild of a lovely 930 Turbo which has just completed paint and now needs an engine re-commission and basically all putting back together. The second is a 1971 VW camper van that we plan to mate with a 911 engine to make a really interesting combination! Progress on both projects can be followed on our website – looks like 2020 will be another busy one!” adds Chris.

Jasmine PorschaLink
3A Pendleside, Nelson BB9 6RY
01282 697171



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