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The chiropody team at The Foot Room in Longridge have now stepped up their game by opening a satellite clinic in Broughton. The expansion means their exceptional care is now more accessible to all and within easy reach of Fulwood, Garstang, Whalley and Clitheroe

Meet the professionals at The Foot Room, where a team of seven HCPC registered podiatrists can treat your feet to get them pain free and in tip top condition. This bright, light. ultra-modern practice has recently opened a satellite clinic within Broughton Physiotherapy, on Northway, in addition to the Longridge headquarters where the team is led by podiatrists Jen Royle and Sarah Carroll.

“We are experts in feet! A traditional chiropody practice treating everything you would expect. Difficult nails, hard skin, corns, ingrowing toenails and cracked heels, but we also have the skills and expertise to perform specialised fungal nail treatment, as well as advanced verruca treatments and biomechanical assessments for arch supports and orthotics,” said Jen. The Foot Room has all the modern state-of-the-art equipment needed to get your feet back in shape.

Most routine treatments can be performed within the Broughton clinic, where there is also the advantage of physiotherapy advice. However, some more specialised treatments may need referral to the Longridge clinic.

“Not only can we deal with painful feet and walking problems, we also offer professional spa pedicure treatments, including either exfoliation and massage or Prende warm wax. The warm wax, which is enriched with essential oils, is a lovely, relaxing experience, it is great for arthritis and it really hydrates the skin.” Jen added. Jen and Sarah are keen to point out that pedicures at The Foot Room are carried out by HCPC registered podiatrists so your feet will have full chiropody treatment to make sure they are super smooth and comfortable.

In addition to the podiatrists, they have a reflexologist in the team who performs this non-intrusive complementary health therapy, which works alongside traditional healthcare to promote better health and well-being. Warm essential oil foot and lower leg massages are also available.

The practice has musculoskeletal (MSK) specialist podiatrists who offer Biomechanical assessments with video gait analysis, to diagnose and treat problems with pain in the knees, hips and feet. Orthotics can help you walk without pain.

The Foot Room has invested in the latest Swift microwave treatment for verrucas. Following 15 years research, this treatment is the newest and best in the industry and proven to be the most successful treatment for all verrucas, even the most stubborn.

Podiatrists at The Foot Room can also carry out surgery to cure in-growing toe nails as well as successful fungal nail treatments. Whatever issue you have with your feet, the team at The Foot Room, can give you professional, knowledgeable advice in a bright, modern environment. From the essential to the pampering, patients will find a friendly smile awaits them along with a team of podiatrists that can get you back on your feet.

The Foot Room
2 Towneley Road, Longridge PR3 3EA
01772 378812

Broughton Physiotherapy
Northway, Broughton PR3 5JX
01772 861155



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