Andrew Dickinson meets with Sarah Varley at the Bernard Dickinson showroom in Fulwood to discuss exciting changes and the future for the company

Bernard Dickinson began back in 1959 when, driven by his love for enjoying music at its best, Andrew Dickinson’s father Bernard opened a radio shop. Since then, much has altered in the world of radio and television and Andrew is now at the helm.

“One thing that hasn’t changed in almost 60 years is our core belief in providing only the best solutions to customers’ home entertainment requests,” Andrew states.

The company is beginning an exciting new chapter in its history with the amalgamation of two showrooms into one.

“All our customers will receive our outstanding level of care from our Fulwood location,” Andrew tells me, with redoubled investment in the Fulwood showroom to showcase the fantastic options available.

Booking a visit is recommended, where you can see the show-stopping cinema room, a bespoke built media room and a myriad choice of beautiful designs and finishes for your home entertainment solutions.

“We are more excited than ever by the endless possibilities for technology to help in creating a beautiful, design-conscious and smart home,” Andrew enthuses. “We harness the latest and very best solutions to enhance your home in a way that not only brings you the joy of the best audio and visual quality, but also satisfies your desire for great interior design and provides the perfect lighting and shade as well.”

Andrew explains: “We use lighting and shade technology to give you the perfect ambience in your home day or night. We have been controlling light technology since the advent of the dimmer switch – the next progression is harnessing the power of natural light.”

From opening the blinds and softly lighting the bedroom when you wake to lighting the way to the garage and through to the kitchen when you arrive home after a long day, integrated lighting and shade technology can enhance your life in so many ways. Very tempting, plus you can save energy and time by ensuring every light is put out with one touch.

Shading systems also diffuse light and prevent glare from distorting computers or television screens. They are key to protecting furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces from the sun’s damaging UV rays. You can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by using shading systems to deflect or harness solar heat.

Bernard Dickinson is well known for installing the ultimate in entertainment luxury – the home cinema. “I created our first home cinema system in 1999 for a young Liverpool footballer. It was, by today’s standard, modest but hugely satisfying,” Andrew recalls.

“He loved it and soon had a handful of his team mates requesting similar ones. Our learning hasn’t ceased since those early days.”

“Technology and our clients’ desires have perpetually moved us forward, creating and recreating spaces within homes to be proud of.”

There is a huge gap between a simple TV installation and a home cinema.

“For many of our customers the perfect fit is a media room. This allows you to easily control, listen and view your media in the finest quality, perfectly embedded in one place. From streaming movies to good old fashioned DVD collections and game consoles.”

“There is no prescription here, we have solutions for every design and budget. We will happily work alongside your interior design wishes to create a space to lose yourself in,” he adds.

Andrew is clearly extremely proud of their reputation for excellence and their CEDIA status: “It is our level of customer care and attention to detail that has set us apart all these years, and that original passion for the very best quality in audio, visual and now lighting and shade technology, is what still drives us forward today.”

The company works with a team of the best contractors to ensure seamless installation and the perfect finish.

Bernard Dickinson operates freely, unrestricted by the constraints of any one manufacturer and are therefore able to work with whatever technologies and suppliers best meet your requirements, desires and budget: “We listen to exactly what you want to achieve in lifestyle and design and bring you solutions from the world-leaders in home technology best suited to you.

“Come in to our Fulwood showroom with your plans, room ideas or audio visual requirements,” Andrew encourages. “We will help you achieve the exact look, sound and atmosphere you desire, from planning and installation to unrivalled aftercare.”

Bernard Dickinson
13 Beech Drive, Fulwood PR2 3NB
01772 862266



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