Out of Sight… Out of Mind

Anna Souroullas takes a look at some inventive solutions to keep our home and work life separate

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously arduous to stick to so let’s keep it simple. Working from home has become a part of many people’s working landscapes, and it looks as though it may remain a part of our reality, at least for now. While this new way of working has been a positive adjustment for some, for others the transition has been a little less smooth.

Maintaining a work-life balance has never been more important but having the ability to separate work from home life can be challenging for those without a designated office space. This separation between our two lives is key to making this new reality work. Being surrounded by reminders of work around our homes after clocking off is an obstacle we have to overcome. For this reason, the New Year’s resolution that I advise is to get organised!

Creative solutions that place those work-related items out of sight once the working day is done may help to lower your stress levels and create balance. Storage solutions don’t have to be boring or plain. There are options out there to suit every style and every budget to create a space that blends seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Here are some out-of-the-box (pun intended) ideas to help you organise your space, no matter how big or small.

I can almost guarantee that there will be a shelf out there that is perfect for your living space – freestanding, floating, hanging and even rotating. Whether custom built or bought, the list is endless. The practicality of some may leave something to be questioned, but it is purely personal preference. A hexagon shaped shelf may be great to look at and to store a few personal things, but it is unlikely to house all your work-related items. Have a browse and see what catches your eye.

Arguably the most important technique for smaller spaces. Filings cabinets and desk tidies take up a minimal amount of space but can be packed full of your working essentials. The best part? Once that drawer is closed, work reminders are hidden. Upcycle old cabinets and create a storage unit that complements your living space but still provides the practicality needed. Explore different avenues and create something amazingly unique. Dull filing cabinets? Nowhere to be seen.

It is amazing what you can achieve with a few bits and pieces from the garden centre. Add a little life to your workspace. Here’s one for you. How about using a trellis as a notice board? Use pegs to hang motivational quotes, to do lists or even photos of family and friends. That way, your desk remains clutter free and you even have a little positivity injection when you glance up from your work – we all need one sometimes! Why not hang plant pots on the trellis? Bring elements of nature inside, or alternatively use them as a storage pot for pens, pencils and other small stationery you have laying around!

The perfect work from home solution for those of us whose ‘office’ is confined to a small space or bedroom. Specialised storage pieces allow for the unit to be mounted onto a wall, with a desk that slides out for convenience. No bulky storage infringing on your floor space! Once you finish work, simply tuck it back into the unit. Out of sight, out of mind. Your space can remain the tranquil sanctuary you envisioned without the worries and stress of the outside world imposing on your downtime.

No designated work space? Like to move between rooms for a change of scenery? Purchase a basket or caddy and place all your working essentials inside. Varying in size, there is definitely at least one suited to each individual’s needs. Perfect to hide away once the day is done and perfectly portable. Everything you need regardless of your chosen room for the day.

Storage: boring and utilitarian, or creative and inspirational? I’ll let you decide!



Tedd Walmsley

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