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Leading beauty therapist Angela Kay is now offering the most advanced Elysion hair removal treatment from Brockhall Village

Offering ground-breaking treatments, Angela Kay has more than two decades’ experience within the beauty industry.

Two years ago, she introduced the revolutionary Elysion laser hair removal system to her Warner Street salon in Accrington, which has been so successful that she is now offering Elysion from her home salon in Brockhall Village in the Ribble Valley.

This industry-leading laser hair removal system has a dedicated following of clients, who love the fact that the treatment leaves skin super-smooth.

Elysion laser hair removal is virtually pain-free thanks to its patented ‘Crystal Freeze’ technology, as Angela explains: “The key to successful laser hair removal is to deliver high energy to the follicle without damaging the skin. Most other lasers or IPL systems do not have a continuous cooling system that maintains a stable, low skin temperature to protect the skin.

“As a result they must use lower energy with less effective results. The Elysion machine is far superior than IPL as the laser is much more specific, treating the hair follicle direct.”

Elysion allows the laser to deliver high energy with minimum pain achieving maximum results. Approximately seven days after treatment the hair will fall out and, while multiple treatments are required, you can be hair free as the system allows you to shave in between treatments!

Angela Kay’s Accrington salon was one of the first clinics in the north of England to use the revolutionary Elysion laser. Now available in the Ribble Valley at Brockhall, the Elysion laser is up to five times faster than other models. As a result Angela Kay’s Beauty Salon offers incredibly competitive prices. This month Angela is offering two treatments completely free when clients book six Elysion laser hair removal treatments. The offer applies at both the Accrington salon and Brockhall Village.

To enquire about Elysion, which typically requires treatments eight weeks apart, call Angela Kay’s on 07813 195888 or go to: for further information

Angela Kay’s Beauty Salon
Accrington BB5 1HN

Angela Kay’s
Rosedene House, Brockhall Village BB6 8BJ
07813 195888



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