Perfection Begins On Your Plate!

Catherine Robinson learns that preparing Perfect Italian food needn’t take hours or expertise

There’s a secret to serving the finest Italian food and the aptly named Perfect Italian has found it: “Perfect Italian is the ideal choice for a busy commercial kitchen wanting to create authentic Italian food without the hassle,” explains Perfect Italian’s experienced chef. “It means you can serve great tasting food with minimal preparation, maximum taste and consistent quality.”

He believes that the freshness and simplicity of the best Italian food usually comes at a cost. “Cooks associate authenticity and flavour with hours of kneading, chopping, frying, proving and soaking, but with Perfect Italian all that hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is place the items in a heated pan or oven and in a few minutes they’re ready.”

Perfect Italian’s range of imported products has been lovingly made in Italy by one of the country’s top producers, then blast frozen to lock in the freshness: “Some people may question the quality of frozen food,” says our chef. “But things have changed. We’ve discovered secret ingredients to ensure that you’re blown away by the flavour, texture and sheer quality, of our food.”

He goes on to explain that the very successful company behind Perfect Italian’s products has its main market in Italy itself: “Our range has been tried and tested by the most discerning of customers – the Italian public. They know what it takes to make authentic food and for years they’ve enjoyed these products throughout the whole of Italy. If it’s good enough for the Italians, it’s going to be good enough for us!”

Perfect Italian’s range includes pastas, pizza bases, dough balls, sauces and risotto, all of which are ready in minutes and have the taste, texture and appearance of those created in top artisan restaurants: “You can serve them as they come or combine them together. You can use your imagination to add your own ingredients and you’ll create some of the best Italian food your customers have ever tasted.”

The extensive pasta range of spaghetti, tagliatelle, ricotta spinaci, nduja pecorino, lunette formaggi, panzerotti funghi porcini, cannelloni ricotta and spinach, is made using the highest quality durum wheat and semolina for maximum flavour and feel. It is created in a process which repeats the gestures of human hands so that the pastas retain every single characteristic of fresh artisan pasta: “It can be cooked directly from frozen, yet it still retains the consistency of a pasta created 10 minutes before,” explains the chef.

The artisan style pizza bases are ready to use straight from frozen: “In just five minutes, these little beauties transform into the lightest and crispest dough you’ve ever tasted. They’ll completely transform your ideas about what is possible from a frozen product! They’re made with finely ground 00 flour which is the superior choice for high quality pizza dough and has a lower gluten content than most other flours. All the pizza bases have been hand stretched and then flash baked before deep freezing – and they couldn’t be easier to use. You just remove them from the freezer, let them stand for few minutes, add your toppings, put them in a very hot oven, and in five minutes you have the perfect pizza.”

Perfect Italian also offers a range of four classic creams and sauces – salsa pomodoro, basil carbonara, Bolognese and asparagi. All of them are prepared with 100 per cent natural ingredients with no added colourants, preservatives or additives, ensuring they are just the same recipes that Italians have loved for generations: “They bring the flavour of Italy straight to your plate,” says Perfect Italian’s chef. “You can use the sauces to season first courses, main courses, side dishes, appetisers, entrees, croutons, bruschetta – or you can get creative and use them as a base sauce for anything else you want to make. After just minutes in a pan, oven or microwave – they’re ready.” The sauces are also extremely practical as you can take only the amount you need from the pack. In fact, Perfect Italian are keen to stress that all their products are designed to minimise waste, making them not only cost effective but ethical.

Perfect Italian offers demonstrations to commercial kitchens, cafés, bistros, restaurants and caterers. “I’ll show you how to use the products,” says the chef. “But more importantly, you’ll get to taste them. It’s all in the taste.”

Perfect Italian
246-250 Lowerhouse Lane
Burnley BB12 6NG
01254 949642



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