This 21st century picture light is a modern day classic based on traditional design and quality styling

A masterpiece in British technology and manufacturing, Davey Lighting’s new Cooper is a state-of-the-art picture light. Combining Davey’s metalworking expertise with sister brand Beadlight’s electronic engineering excellence and impeccable eco credentials, the Cooper achieves maximum impact thanks to its combination of sleek, streamlined styling, the finest raw materials and the very latest in LED innovation.

Originally created for the aerospace industry, Oxford-based Beadlight designs, engineers and manufactures the ultimate LED lights using a unique diffusion system. Taking its name from its patented technologies, Beadlight offers a uniform, glare-free light created by the use of tiny, optically pure glass beads.

Designed with an equal focus on form and function, the Cooper’s diffusers are housed in beautifully machined polished brass, weathered brass or polished chrome cases, handcrafted at the brand’s Birmingham metalworks, ensuring a precise, concentrated pool of light illuminates your most precious pieces. With an integral driver for ease of installation, two size options will suit artwork of all scales.

“We created the Cooper in response to requests for the perfect picture light. As with many of our latest designs, the Cooper combines the skills of two of our three lighting brands and two of our four factories, all part of The Original BTC Group. The purity and brilliance of our LED technology offer absolute colour accuracy, while the elegant, unobtrusive design and signature materials ensure the Cooper enhances but does not compete with your finest paintings, photographs and objets,” explain Peter and Charlie Bowles of BTC.

Cooper picture light: £449 (34.5cm) £475 (55cm)



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