An ingenious way of creating an engaging work of art featuring your pet has been developed by talented contemporary artist Ricky Young. Photography: Kirsten Platt

A great gift for Christmas, there’s no better way to capture your pet’s personality than on canvas. Established artist Ricky Young, known for his contemporary abstract expressionist style, has come up with an ingenious idea that will appeal to all pet owners.

Under his new Contemporary Canines brand, Ricky will go out and meet owners and their pets. He states the meet and greet is important, by getting to know them he can reveal their true spirit, which he captures by photograph, and is the basis of the personalised piece of art.

Once a preferred image has been established, Ricky will then create a bespoke work of art: “The eyes are reproduced in an engaging, photo-realistic way,” explains Ricky, who has lived in the Ribble Valley for two years.

“The rest of the paint is applied with a much looser approach to portray a piece of art rather than a photograph. To complement the image, is a carefully chosen colour for the background, which keeps the composition fresh and modern.”

The result is a striking, yet affordable, work of art that is contemporary and unique to each pet owner.

Runner-up in the first Create Longridge competition that attracted artists from throughout the North West, Ricky has forged a reputation for using vivid colours and the very best materials in his work – and his pet portraits are no exception.

He uses professional hand-made oil paints and the best quality canvas and brushes, and in a collaboration with Longridge Gallery, each Contemporary Canines work is framed to the highest of standards.

Ricky’s own dog Salvador was the inspiration behind Contemporary Canines, as Ricky explains: “I went to the Longridge show and what was striking was that there were so many pet owners with their dogs. I came home and painted Salvador and posted the image online, the social media reaction was overwhelming. This was a clear sign to paint dogs again as I did almost 20 years ago.”

With social media playing a huge part in his success, Ricky has already built up an impressive portfolio and on 9th December, in a collaboration with Hobbycraft, Ricky will officially launch the Contemporary Canines brand at the Deepdale store in Preston, talking to visitors about his work.

Now taking commissions for Christmas, Contemporary Canines also has a range of gift vouchers too!

For more information about Contemporary Canines, call Ricky on
01772 784851 or 07969 760271



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