Game is a natural part of our rural harvest, it is part of our heritage and it is also delicious, healthy and nutritious

The Glorious Twelfth heralds the start of the red grouse season, a medium size game bird considered by many to be the finest game bird there is.

It has dark, rich red meat and an intense taste which holds up well to strong flavours. It is traditionally served with game chips and bread sauce.

There is a race every year between the high end restaurants in London, and across the UK including the Ribble Valley, to be the first to have grouse on the menu.

The grouse season is the first of the game birds to come in season and is quickly followed by partridge in September and pheasant in October.

Grouse are found in the Ribble Valley on purple heather moorland, these are wide open spaces covered in the very distinct purple heather and autumn golden browns which are reflected in the colour of red grouse – these are areas that are treasured by many walkers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Taste of Game, a national organisation that encourages consumers to eat game through great recipes, are passionate about game meat, which is a wild and natural part of our countryside harvest. It is part of our heritage and a vibrant and a modern addition to today’s lifestyles and food choices.

By informing people about local and natural produce that has been harvested or hunted, Taste of Game encourages the sustainable, best practice use of a natural food.

Healthy, local, natural and delicious, game meat is low in fat with a high content of polyunsaturates, so don’t overcook it otherwise it will dry out. It is full of vitamins and nutritionally it is akin to skinless chicken breast meat.

In the game larder you will find pheasant, partridge, grouse, duck, rabbit, pigeon and venison – all of which are delicious so if you have never tried it, you must!

Grouse is readily available from your local game dealer, however, no matter where you live, a comprehensive list can be found on:



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