When Jasmine Porschalink UK invited Matthew Parkinson to a charity evening chock full of Porsches, plonk and pie, how could he refuse?

Young or old, you may long for the day when you ditch your daily drive and sink into the body-hugging seats of something sportier. While you can pick up a Porsche for as little as £3,000, parts and maintenance costs could turn a cheap Porsche into the most expensive car you’ll ever buy. Thankfully, that’s where Jasmine Porschalink comes in.

Located within Nelson’s Lomeshaye industrial estate, Jasmine Porschalink UK are kitted out to deal with all the jobs your local Porsche main dealer can, but at a fraction of the cost. Since 1997 Brian Goff and his team have been taking on anything from services and MOTs to full-blown restoration jobs, aided by a sizeable supply of genuine factory parts, up to date diagnostic equipment and brand specific know-how to deal with whatever problems your Porsche throws up.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and meet new Porsche owners in and around Lancashire, Jasmine Porschalink UK had opened up its doors this evening for owners to poke under the bonnet of Brian’s business, pick the brains of the team or simply natter with fellow enthusiasts over a pie and a pint. Better still, the money saved on servicing meant Jasmine Porschalink UK’s clients could spend their extra change benefiting the local Pendleside Hospice, taking part in a charity auction and raffle for a variety of Porsche goodies.

The warm weather had enticed plenty of Porsches out for the evening, providing a huge variety of models on display, from the whale-tail 911s of the 1980s right up to the very latest 991s, Caymans and Boxsters.

Not wanting to be outdone, Jasmine Porschalink UK had brought along a few of their own cars to show off. An immaculate Guards Red 964 and a rare 912 flanked the focal point of the workshop that evening, a freshly restored 1970 911E. Brian and his team took the car from basket-case to beauty, carrying out a full strip-down and bare-shell rebuild to return the car to factory-fresh condition, a perfect example of the level of work the specialists at Jasmine are able to take on, and testament to the exquisite finish that can be achieved.

While Jasmine Porschalink UK are used to making Porsche owners’ dreams come true, by raising a glass to the famous sports cars of Stuttgart, they did their bit to lift the spirits of Pendleside Hospice, with the Porsche specialist and their clients raising almost £800 for a very worthy cause.




Tedd Walmsley

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