We all need to unwind and relax sometimes, and the fantastic spas we have on our doorstep offer the perfect opportunity to combine indulgence with real health and wellbeing benefits

We are spoilt for choice in the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas with some truly exceptional spas, providing tranquil and relaxing spaces dedicated to improving your wellbeing. Offering amazing treatments in beautiful surroundings and serene atmospheres, a day at one of these spa provides a blissful escape from the strains of our busy lives.

We are more aware than ever of the importance of paying attention to our mental wellbeing. Looking after our health and finding ways to manage stress is vital, and spas are the perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate.

Finding ways to relieve stress is essential for heart health as well as general wellbeing, and most people would agree it is difficult to feel stressed when you are soaking in a hot tub!

Going alone to the spa gives you time to focus on yourself, gather your thoughts and truly diconnect for a while and get away from the world. Going with a friend or loved one can provide the perfect place to bond or reconnect, and just spend some great time together that will leave you feeling revitalised.

The treatments available can bring their own health and wellbeing benefits. Several studies have shown that facial and body massages help reduce stress level, boost your natural defenses and immune system, remove toxins, improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. Massage releases seratonin, the ‘happy hormone’, boosting your mood. All in all brilliant for your physical and mental health!

Many of the skin treatments on offer combine great skincare with the benefits of massage therapy. They leave your skin softer, smoother and looking more radiant, giving your confidence a boost as well as helping you to feel pampered and relaxed.

The relaxing effects of a spa day can also help you to get a better night’s sleep, another key component for mental and physical wellbeing. Regular visits to the spa can help you kickstart or maintain a healthy lifestyle in so many ways.

There are lots of options available locally to tempt us, from day spa packages, luxurious overnight spa breaks to individual treatments so you’re sure to find the perfect experience for you. Whether you fancy a thermal spa treatment, holistic therapies, aromatherapy, or want to combine your visit with a yoga class, afternoon tea or a glass of champagne, it is a day to spend exactly as you wish.

Spending time on yourself for some well-deserved pampering is uplifting. Taking good care of your mind and body can boost your self esteem and wellbeing, and what more enjoyable way to do this than a day at the spa?



Tedd Walmsley

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