This 1929 Phantom 1 Ascot Phaeton, the first to be built from scratch in 88 years, is a unique children’s bed!

This 1929 Phantom 1 Ascot Phaeton, was specially built by Fun Furniture Collection to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club and it was recently displayed at their prestigious club meeting in the grounds of Burghley House.

Permission to undertake the project from Rolls-Royce was given last year. The bed took 960 man hours to construct and on completion further permission was given to brand the car with the Spirt of Ecstasy and the Rolls-Royce grill logo.

This exclusive one of a kind Rolls-Royce was well received by members and visitors alike sparking great interest. Never had they seen such an unusual piece of furniture, so quirky and yet so British!

Fun Furniture Collection combines a passion for motor vehicles with the love of furniture design, resulting in a unique collection of bespoke, hand-made furniture for children. Inspired by some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, the range is varied and inspirational.

If you require any information about this creation or are interested in becoming the owner of this unique Rolls-Royce bed contact: 0161 708 8028



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