Experience the warm welcome of the Rossendale Valley, renowned for its beauty and hospitality

The Rossendale Valley certainly boasts a dramatic landscape and a rich history of old stone quarries, textile mills, chimneys and reservoirs, but is also home to several distinguishing towns and villages, and it has in fact been referred to as ‘The Valley of Distinction’. The characterfulness of this valley is very much the product of the Rossendale people and upon arriving you can expect to be welcomed with warmth and friendliness.

There is a certain originality and quirkiness about Rossendale and this is evident with their annual gravy wrestling competition (featured on TV this year), black pudding throwing, and Coconut Clog Dancers (The Nutters) who perform every Easter in Bacup, dancing seven miles across the town.

Heritage and history are plentiful in Rossendale and many of its traditions are still practiced – visitors can take a trip to many of the attractions including a museum telling the story of the cotton mill and shoe industry and art galleries to name but a few. The Valley is also home to the North West’s premier railway providing both steam and diesel journeys, and as an extra incentive the station offers two real ale pubs, cafés and gift shops.

The varying towns and villages of Rossendale are close to each other and you’ll find a broad range of independent traders and a celebration of local skills and talents, retailing often exclusive and hand-made products. Shopping in Rossendale is unlike other high streets, as such an array of independent restaurants and retailers is a rarity these days and makes it a joy to visit.

When it comes to food and drink Rossendale really does have it all! The different culinary delights cater for both casual and formal dining and include Italian, Asian, tapas and Indian restaurants, along with artisan coffee shops, tea rooms and a choice of cocktail and wine bars. You can breakfast, shop, lunch, dinner and experience the culture and heritage of this wonderful valley as there is something for everyone. Whether it’s shopping, food and drink, or to marvel at the giant sculptures and enjoy the stunning Pennine scenery along the Rossendale Way, there’s a treasure trove of experiences awaiting – enjoy!



Tedd Walmsley

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