Running A Marathon For Cry

10-year-old Oscar Drysdale has been running a marathon to raise funds for the charity Cry which supports cardiac risk in the young. Photography: Roger Moore

Oscar ran a mile a day over 26 days to raise funds for TEAM4LUKE who collect on behalf of Cry in memory of Luke Rutter.

Luke Rutter tragically lost his life in 2010. The 15-year-old son of Jill and Al Rutter, went to sleep after playing tennis one Saturday and never woke up. Luke died in his sleep due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

Luke’s death was due to an undiagnosed heart defect. He was an otherwise healthy 15-year-old athlete who died in his sleep whilst resting after playing tennis.

Last year due to COVID the TEAM4LUKE weren’t able to raise as much money through their normal fundraisers and asked for help. Oscar, who’s a family friend of the Rutter’s, rose to the challenge and did a mile a day for 10 days during the summer holidays whilst asking for sponsorship.

Steph Drysdale, Oscars mum said: “Oscar has always tried to support TEAM4LUKE and often donates his pocket money. This year he said he wanted to do something more to support. He said he wanted to do a marathon and I said: “You can’t do a marathon in one go it takes months of hard training!” So it was his idea to do a mile a day for 26 days (1.2 on the last one to make it a proper marathon!)”

Oscar started his marathon on 1st August and finished with all of his football team joining him, on 26th August, cheered on by Jill and Al and some of the Team4Luke cycling team.

Oscar has raised over £1300 completing his marathon in all sorts of weather and in various locations over the holidays. Ryan Riley who plays for Squires Gate FC ran it with him twice and helped Oscar get a PB of 6minutes 46seconds on day 24!

Steph added: “Oscar has had sponsors from far and wide, with the main aim of increasing awareness of a charity that many people won’t know about. Oscar has just gone into year 6 at Lytham CofE School as their Head Boy. We are all very proud of how he spent his summer.”

TEAM4LUKE were formed in 2011 in memory of Luke. The teams prime objective is to bring attention to the risks of cardiac issues in the young and promote standard heart scans for 14-35yr olds. They fundraise on behalf of CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) who’s aim is to raise awareness whilst campaigning for standardised testing and screening for young people.

Luke’s fundraising page is open until the end of October at:



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