The finest speciality sausages are available at Cowman’s

The seasonings used in Cowman’s sausages have been handed down through three generations and feature a variety of herbs and spices to give each sausage an individual flavour. Watch out for ‘Sausage of the Month’, handmade by the team at Cowman’s, using the finest quality locally sourced meat with cuts of beef and lamb raised in Bowland and pork from outdoor reared pigs. Established for 120 years, Cowman’s produce more than 70 different sausages including pork and caramelised onion, honey pork, Castle pork made from wild boar, mead and black pudding and pork and apple. There are also gluten free options and seasonal variations.

Cowman’s Famous Sausage Shop
13 Castle Street, Clitheroe BB7 2BT
01200 423842



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