Animal lover Lauren Molyneux discovers why Christmas is a great time to show how much we love our pets!

I love searching for the perfect festive gift imagining the reaction I’ll receive on Christmas morning when it is unwrapped. Christmas lists always consist of presents for family members – slippers for grandma, whiskey for granddad, perfume for mum and toys for the children. For many, a special treat for the family pet is also on the Christmas list.

Pets are more than just animals who share our home – they are the ones who provide comfort and constant companionship, the ones who keep us active and develop characters that match our own.

My Dalmatian, Roscoe, was always spoiled rotten at this time of year. Whether it was giant chew toys, a new bed, a trendy outdoor coat to protect him from the cold weather, a gimmicky gift like doggy beer, or gift vouchers we could use at the dog groomers, for doggy day care or for training classes, Roscoe always felt like part of the family and had his fair share of gifts to unwrap on Christmas morning – and his reaction would always be an excited bark and a wagging tail!



Tedd Walmsley

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