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For someone who has been reluctant to wear glasses since the age of 18, Dr Linda Fan is now a complete convert, thanks to The Spectacle Factory. Meena McDonald finds out more. Photography: Robin Lyndon

A local GP working in the centre of Preston, Dr Linda Fan first moved there in 2008 and decided she needed an eye test. Unfamiliar with the city, she selected a high-street optician who conducted a routine eye test and left her to choose new glasses from their showroom.

Dr Fan recalls the experience as ‘very average’ and a little like being on a conveyor belt where you go through a process like everyone else.

She then spotted an inspiring article in Live Magazine about The Spectacle Factory and was extremely impressed with their approach to eyecare and thought she would give them a call for her next eye test appointment.

Linda was not disappointed. She comments: “I was totally astounded at the warm, professional and friendly approach. James, one of the optometrists at The Spectacle Factory, made me feel instantly at ease and took the time to get to know me and my eye health whilst conducting the eye tests.”

The optometrist actually raised some concerns after viewing Linda’s scans and referred her to an ophthalmologist at Royal Preston Hospital. Luckily, following some investigation, they discovered there was nothing severe to be concerned about.

Dr Fan continues: “I was incredibly impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the team at The Spectacle Factory and also the time and effort they put in. It was such a personal approach – the whole experience was about me and my eye health, they treated me with care and concern, like an individual.”

The treatment she received at The Spectacle Factory resulted in Linda taking both her children there, who were equally impressed with James. Both are as comfortable and relaxed as their mum and look forward to having their eyes tested.

The Spectacle Factory is renowned for its eclectic range of fabulous frames with brands such as Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Cartier, Hugo Boss, Chloe and Chopard, as well as many unique independent collections which have been sourced from all over the world. There is something to suit everyone, whatever style or colour they are looking for.

Robert Sands, who manages the family-run business, explains: “We are passionate about what we do and want to provide every customer with a happy and memorable experience whether they are having an eye test, selecting some new glasses or a combination of the two.”

Dr Fan had been struggling with glasses she’d had for some time, whilst examining patients in their cars at the height of the pandemic. With the combination of a mask and the temperature fluctuation, her glasses would regularly steam up making it very difficult for her to see clearly. However, The Spectacle Factory came to the rescue with a high-quality coating on the lenses that meant they didn’t fog up and she could treat her patients safely and efficiently.

Following many years of being a contact lens wearer, Linda now has three pairs of glasses in her collection. She is delighted with all of them and wears them for different occasions. As a cycling enthusiast she has one pair of polarised glasses, which she wears when she is out cycling, reducing glare, improving clarity and creating greater comfort.

Her patients and friends regularly compliment Dr Fan on her choice of eyewear and ask where she purchases her glasses. She doesn’t hesitate in recommending The Spectacle Factory!

Although she knows the colours and styles that suit her, she thoroughly enjoys taking her time and trying different frames from the vast and stunning range stocked by The Spectacle Factory and she is supported by advice and guidance from the team.

Dr Fan concludes: “I’m absolutely thrilled with the personalised care I receive and I genuinely wouldn’t go anywhere else. I feel safe and cared for at The Spectacle Factory and am so delighted with my glasses and enjoy wearing them. I see them much more as a fashion accessory rather than a health necessity.”

Pop along to The Spectacle Factory and see for yourself

The Spectacle Factory
Unit 1, Dewhurst Row
Bamber Bridge
Preston PR5 6BB
01772 312213



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