Victoria Melling at KBL Solicitors reveals four things you need to know about separation and divorce

Divorces could soon be easier and quicker to get. The Government says it’s committed to changing the law to allow ‘no fault’ divorces. If this makes ending your marriage more likely, it’s worth learning first a little about what can be involved:

1. You have no right of access to your children – children have a right to see their parents, not the other way around. The primary concern of the court is the best interests of the children. It’s always better to mediate and propose a joint solution the court will accept.

2. You have no legal right to assets as a ‘common-law wife or husband’ – when you live with someone it’s easy to assume you share everything, from children to your worldly wealth. The law, however, does not recognise the legal status of common-law relationships. This can have massive implications if assets need to be divided following separation. It’s painful to accept, but partnerships based on trust and little else can prove unreliable.

3. Your half of the money in a joint bank account is not safeguarded – this is because joint bank accounts simply give joint access to your funds. There is no requirement on the bank to restrict either account holder to only half the money in the account.

4. You can easily overlook a key asset – don’t forget to consider pensions when determining a financial settlement.

The introduction of ‘no fault’ divorces will not make ending a marriage straight forward overnight. Getting divorced remains a difficult, and often painful, journey.

At KBL, we can guide you along the right path, we will listen, advise and remain by your side until you have reached a final settlement, ready to rebuild your life.

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