She Rises In Love

Helen Sanderson talks to Sally Fazeli about the journey that she has been on to build her own self love

I met Sally Fazeli over brunch. She oozes positivity and happiness. I’ve known her a long time and have always seen her as the smiley happy lady before me. But like many people Sally’s smile had often hidden feelings of self doubt and loathing. Her journey to find her true purpose had set her free and she confidently tells me that she’s smiling on the inside too, and it shows.

Sally had a number of businesses over the years and many readers may know her from her jewellery store Tienne and a gift shop that she co-owned in Penwortham. When Sally started her family her life took another direction and she used her sales and marketing background to build an online business creating content for brands. She was very successful, attracting many followers and big named brands and her life on Instagram with her boys and her husband looked idyllic.

But Sally was left cold and unfilled.

She explained: “For each campaign I did I had to collect the data. The brands weren’t interested in me they wanted to see the numbers. I was being judged and measured on how many people followed me or liked a post.

“This just didn’t work for me. Everyday I would question my own self worth. I knew I was more than a number and my purpose wasn’t collecting data.”

Sally knew she wasn’t being authentic, this wasn’t her true self, building brands for other people, she knew she had to realign with her true self and step away from producing content for this world.

Sally said: “I was trained in dance and as a yoga teacher, so I began to go back to my roots and my first love. I spent more time in meditation and it sounds a little crazy but my purpose started to reveal itself to me step by step.”

It was on a training workshop for somatic dance teaching in the USA, that Sally had her epiphany and truly awakened her own life purpose.

Sally told me: “I was on a workshop in somatic movement called Shape your Soul, where you incorporate movement, writing and dance. It was in the workshop that I truly addressed my eating disorder that I had lived with since being a teenager.

“I had to sit and meditate and draw. The image I drew was dark. It was dark, angry and aggressive. I scribbled over and over and drew daggers on the image going into my body.

“This was a representation of how I truly felt about myself. It was so dark and aggressive.”

Then it was time for Sally to dance and move. She described to me how she shrank into a corner as small as she could and tried to hide herself from the world.

“I wanted to disappear,” she said. “But then something remarkable happened. Another participant came and danced close to me and as she got closer she wrapped her arms around me.

“I could feel her encasing me in love and warmth. It felt like my soul was being nourished.”

Sally vividly described the images she had in her mind at that time. “I felt like I was a worthless worm, a caterpillar and I was being cocooned. In the cocoon I was gaining all the nourishment that I had lacked and yearned for. The cocoon soon became a beautiful place.

“I started to break free, slowly, and as I did, I felt an internal transformation. I lifted my arms and stretched. I felt like a butterfly. I danced lightly as I grew with my arms outstretched.”

After the dancing Sally had to go back to her drawing. Over the darkness and the anguish, she drew a butterfly and wrote the words ‘I am beautiful’.

She continued: “We had to regroup and I had to say over and over out loud ‘I am beautiful’. As I spoke the words tears rolled down my face. I could feel the transformation inside me and I began believing the words ‘I am beautiful’.

“I was so emotional, I hadn’t believed these words for so long and now I felt transformed.”

It was during this time that Sally knew that her true calling in life was to help empower women to love themselves from the inside out.

Since then Sally launched her life coaching, counselling, meditation, yoga and somatic dance courses under the banner of She Rises in Self Love.

Sally explained: “She Rises in Self Love is an accumulation of the experience and training that I have had, in order to help others. I had a complete lack of self love and self worth. There have been times especially before my awakening journey where I felt really low and it was actually this work that allowed me to feel the true joy and fulfilment of life and all that life has to offer.

“She Rises in Self Love opens up doors to a more spiritual world where you can explore your own purpose.

“My greatest learning is this one thing, and it’s been incredible just learning about being ‘present’. This is something everyone should keep practising and slowly it will just become naturally a way of life.

“I’m so so passionate about helping people transform their self love and start living a life that fulfils them…

“And it feels amazing to see so many of my clients having massive results using She Rises in Self Love.”

Sally now offers one to one and group sessions to women who truly want to unleash their inner self love and live more purposefully.

As we concluded Sally said: “My hearts goal is to help women accept ALL of who they are not just the parts they like about themselves already.

“When we learn to accept the parts of ourselves that we don’t necessarily like or wish we could change we rise in our own self confidence, self worth and ultimately self love. We realise we don’t have to be like anybody else, receive external validation or change anything about ourselves because we are here in this life time, right now to be the truest and best version of ourselves.

“Nobody is YOU and that is your super power, I’m here to help you claim this for yourself and know this as your reality. This is Self Love.”



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