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Banish troublesome varicose veins at RejuvaMed Health & Wellness in Clitheroe

As we finally reach the warmer summer months, many of us have reached for shorts and swimwear but have felt embarrassed to bare our legs, so now is the ideal time to deal with troublesome varicose veins which may be affecting body confidence.

The team at RejuvaMed Health & Wellness can help.

Based at the historic Holmes Mill in Clitheroe, RejuvaMed incorporates the only dedicated varicose vein treatment centre in Lancashire. The vein centre has built a nationwide reputation for quality care and exceptional results and has established itself as the leading private provider of varicose vein treatment in the North West, at prices way below Lancashire’s private hospitals.

Consultant vascular surgeon Mr Vittorio Perricone is our local expert who will look after you when you are with us. Mr Perricone has worked both within the NHS and privately for over 25 years and undertakes his NHS practice at the Royal Blackburn Hospital. He now consults privately solely at RejuvaMed.

Dr McKeating, RejuvaMed’s medical director, explains: “Funding for treatment for varicose veins has been rationed by the NHS, meaning that patients often have to pay for their procedure. Where NHS treatment is available, waiting lists are now through the roof because of Covid-19. We are therefore pleased to provide safe, relatively painless treatments with excellent results and minimal recovery time. Our appointments are available within just a few weeks, meaning you can get the treatment you need quickly. We don’t have the same overheads as large private hospitals, so we can offer the same treatment for up to £2500 less. That’s a huge saving.

“There is no need to undergo expensive and risky surgery under general anaesthesia if you wish to say goodbye to your varicose veins, or to travel further afield for your treatment. We offer interest free credit, with repayments easily affordable over 10 months.”

As well as offering radiofrequency (RF) ablation treatment for varicose veins, the vein centre also offers the innovative VenaSeal™ procedure, which uses a medical adhesive rather than a heat source to seal the diseased vein. A small cut is made into the skin under local anaesthetic, and a narrow plastic tube is placed into the vein. A long catheter is then inserted through this sheath and small amounts of adhesive are then injected at intervals along the vein under ultrasound guidance.

Once the procedure is complete (which may be in as little as 20 minutes) an adhesive plaster is applied over the small cut, and you are immediately able to be up and about.

The procedure is quicker and more comfortable than RF and laser ablation, both during and after treatment, as there are fewer injections required and there is less bruising. A huge benefit of VenaSeal™ over other treatments is that you are not required to wear compression stockings afterwards, meaning you can return to normal activities immediately.

In UK clinics and hospitals this treatment is typically offered at a price of over £3000. However, RejuvaMed has priced this treatment at only £2410 for one leg, and £2725 for both.

For more information on pricing, or to book a consultation with Mr Perricone, please email us now at: or call the clinic on 01200 538668

RejuvaMed Health & Wellness
Holmes Cottage, Woone Lane
Clitheroe BB7 1BG
01200 538668



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