Sarah Varley meets with Tanicia Hayton and Jeanie Beaumé to learn about their exciting new venture, the Cartford Gallery

The terrace of the Cartford Inn has a very exciting new addition – the Cartford Gallery. A jewellery workshop and art exhibition space opened by cousins, and best friends, Tanicia Hayton and Jeanie Beaumé.

Tanicia is an artist and previously studied Jewellery Design at university in London. Jeanie runs TOTI, the delicatessen at The Cartford inn. Tanicia started her part-time jewellery business online 12 months ago and has long dreamed of running a place where local artists can come together and support each other. After a small display cabinet of Tanicia’s jewellery in TOTI was met with great enthusiasm from customers, the pair began to see how an arts and crafts offering had the potential to be a great addition to The Cartford Inn.

This vision has quickly become a reality: “My mum, Julie, has always filled the restaurant with fantastic art and has been a huge supporter of local artists, while my dad, Patrick, is forever looking for quirky new concepts and experiences to bring to customers. With so much creativity here already, we’re excited to see how we can combine our individual knowledge and skills into this family project,” Jeanie explains.

Within the gallery is Tanicia’s workshop where she designs and creates her contemporary jewellery using gold, silver and unique gemstones. There is also an exhibition space for local artists that will be stocked with other gifts and crafts such as the glass mushrooms seen in the restaurant which are made by local glass blower John Ditchfield, and unique pieces from Pilling Pottery on which the food at the inn is served.

The unusual building itself is constructed from shipping containers cladded with reclaimed wood, a design inspired after family trips to Stockholm and Copenhagen. There, they found examples of how food and art can come together, a concept that they thought would suit the Cartford Inn perfectly.

“We especially loved the way you could see the artists and craftspeople creating their products right in front of you in the shops, they could even be seen through the windows from the street,” Tanicia says.

The gallery is situated in a truly idyllic location, with beautiful views of the river. The new building has been designed to fit in with everything the Cartford do, including a living sedum roof and reclaimed materials that gives a traditional feel to a modern design.

“I couldn’t ask for a more inspiring place to work,” Tanicia says. “There are a few tables with seating available in the windows which will eventually become a place for people to eat, drink, work and play,” Jeanie says. “The venue will host private events, and there will also be opportunities to meet the artists, see them at work, host experiences and take part in workshops. The possibilities are endless!”

There will be an exhibition of artist Natalie Clarkson’s paintings on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July, including her very popular and distinctive highland cows in floral head-dresses, which will remain on display at the gallery for a couple of weeks after.

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