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Taking takeaway to the next level, the Yu Express menu features restaurant classics as well as some tasty new additions

We have dined at the superb Yu restaurant many times and to be honest it is second to none. It has a fabulous cosmopolitan cocktail bar – you could actually be in a trendy London establishment!

It is the food however, created by charming chef Victor and his team, that really sets Yu apart. This is Chinese cuisine taken to the next level using the finest ingredients transformed by traditional and modern cooking styles.

The menu comprises many classic dishes and inspired new combinations resulting in intricate signature dishes and always a memorable food experience!

Victor and his team are so confident about the food they produce, that they had the inspired idea to make it available to a wider audience – and Yu Express was born, giving diners the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality restaurant dishes at home in a relaxed and easy way. We had to give Yu Express a whirl!

I confess, I don’t generally like takeaways, but I do so love Yu’s food, so this was going to be a tough test!

Ordering was easy. An online menu tempted us with a whole new offering as well as some Yu classics. We ordered for six, and 20 minutes later when we arrived as instructed, the food was almost ready. We paid with a credit card and nipped smartly off home.

Warm plates and drinks at the ready, friends and family were all set to dive in. The food was packed in the usual practical plastic boxes stowed safely away in some very smart cardboard boxes to keep it warm, all very nicely liveried with the Yu logo.

Chopsticks were provided along with menu booklets for future reference but more importantly, the food looked and smelt amazing!

The small bites, crispy duck rolls, sticky Cantonese ribs, sesame prawn toasts and crispy squid, all still piping hot, were delicious and true to the Yu food ethos.

We cheated a little and kept the mains warm in the oven, but they didn’t seem to mind, they were absolutely delicious!

Black bean Cantonese fillet steak and scallops with leek, ginger and spring onions, were my favourites. However, Char Sui pork with chilli and lamb satay all got rave reviews. We did of course also have the obligatory fried rice and spicy soft noodles that were also fresh and tasty.

The Yu Express experience was a lovely one – all the foodie pleasures, with none of the pressures of getting ready and going out! It was a lovely relaxed evening in, a great event, which we will definitely be repeating soon.

Yu Express
Yu Copster Green
500 Longsight Road
Copster Green BB1 9EU
01254 240665



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