Award-winning eco outfit Seedball has the perfect gift for gardeners this Christmas – the meadow catapult

These hand-crafted beech catapults made from wood from fallen or coppiced trees with rubber and real leather sling come in a cotton canvas bag with a tin of 20 Sky Meadow seed balls – giving you the most fun way ever of scattering a meadow or garden!

Sky Meadow is a mix of all blue flowering wildflowers that include cornflower, forget-me-not, meadow cranesbill, self heal and wild clary. As bees see mostly in the blue/violet light spectrum this mix is great for attracting them.

Each tin will cover an area of approximately one square metre but additional tins or bulk bags of Seedballs can also be purchased.

Made from clay, peat-free compost, seeds and chilli powder, seed balls have their own mini ecosystem, protecting seeds from birds, ants and slugs and giving them the nutrition they need to get a head start and germinate easily.

All Seedball products are 100 per cent UK made and manufactured. Seedball’s tin packaging is locally manufactured by the last tin can maker in London and powered with the help of a solar farm on their factory roof.

Seedball uses wildflower seed which is sourced from Flora Locale accredited suppliers. Mis-shapes are donated to schools or community projects.

Take note – whilst the seedball meadow catapult is designed for recreational use, it is extremely powerful and can cause injury and damage if used irresponsibly. Please ensure all children are supervised whilst using this product.

The Meadow Catapult costs £30 and is available from:



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