Spring at the Inn

There’s lots happening at The Cartford Inn and its on-site delicatessen and shop TOTI. Run by avid foodie Jeanie Beaume, here she tells us about Easter at the deli and the delights of shopping locally

TOTI, which stands for Taste of the Inn, is the fabulous on-site delicatessen at The Cartford Inn. It is particularly popular at Easter time with their truly unique range of chocolate eggs.

“As a little girl, I remember my parents always making an effort on Easter Sunday,” Jeanie says. “Mum and dad would organise an exciting egg hunt for my brother and I and this happy memory at Easter will always stay with us. Today in our delicatessen I put the same efforts into creating something special and different every year for our customers.

“With the help from our good friend and artisan chocolatier, Bryan Townson, we have designed some truly magnificent eggs. There is a fantastic array of milk, white, dark and even vegan Easter eggs available to choose from, as a luxury treat for yourself or for someone special.

“Sustainability is important to us and this year I have created a unique design with a selection of four different delicious chocolate-filled eggs, nestled together in plastic-free packaging. Our Eco-Pâques design is inspired by happy memories at Easter with our French family,” Jeanie explains.

TOTI also has its own-brand artisan product range and are expanding this all the time with new products like chilli jam and habanero and garlic hot sauce. Jeanie says: “Many customers are excited about the return of our wild garlic pesto, which will be available from March. This is a seasonal product therefore customers can’t wait to be able to purchase this again.”

The Cartford Inn
Cartford Lane, Little Eccleston PR3 OYP
01995 670166



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