Step Into Christmas

Looking And Feeling Amazing

Hands up if you’ve forgotten how to get your glam on and wear something other than loungewear? Our very own wearer of the little black dress, Samantha Martin, has been getting her glam on ready for the festive season and getting off the sofa

Mission Christmas Party
Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry, and an opportunity to get all dressed up and stay up past your usual bedtime. So, before we hit the main event, now’s the time to check that you can still get into your little black dress and guys, do check the waist size of your best trousers.

We’ve all been locked down and snack munching for quite some time now and having missed out on last years festivities, we’ve some making up to do. Which is also a good excuse to buy something new for the office Christmas party. You might not have even seen your co-workers in person for some time so you want to up the glam stakes and look fabulous for your non-Zoom meeting.

And before the festivities start, it’s probably a good time to get yourself fighting fit before you start to overindulge.

Remember, this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You may want to make sure your outfit fits you now, but also think about it still fitting come 1st January. As much as we promise ourselves that it’ll be a new year and a new you and the diet will start then. There is a very high chance that just won’t happen.

Beat The Bloat
Unfortunately, alcohol is a major bloater and isn’t going to help in maintaining your LBD figure. Try to avoid gassy, carbonated drinks on your nights out and very high sugar sweet drinks. Replace fizzy drink mixers with tonics, drink water as much as you can, especially with food, and do not be tempted by a 2am pizza.

All the rich foods you’re going to be consuming are also not great for the waistline. Watch what you eat in between indulgences. Perhaps don’t eat all the Quality Street whilst watching the soaps or slip in the odd salad (minus the huge amount of fat-based dressing) at lunchtime.

There is no point in going on a crazy crash diet before you party, to then pile it all back on in the space of a few days and probably more besides. Save your indulgences for the times when you want to indulge and try and eat and drink more healthily in between events. But don’t starve yourself to fit in to the tiny little dress. You’re doing yourself more harm than good.

Just don’t forget to drink your water before bed.

Looking Glam
Again, alcohol isn’t great for looking glam either. It plays havoc with your skin and add in some late nights and a bit of stress, and your skin will soon be begging you to take a break. So, if you want to be looking glowing and radiant for your party Instagram photos, it’s important to stay on top of your skincare routine and stay hydrated (water, water, water). You should already know the importance of using the right cleanser for your skin, morning and night, and a wipe or some micellar water does not class as a suitable cleanser. And always, always, properly remove your makeup before bed and make sure you slap on your eye cream and moisturisers. And yes, men, that goes for you too!

A brightening eye cream, one with added vitamin C, will be your festive saviour. Correct eye care maintenance can make a heavy night look like a full eight hours sleep.

Don’t forget that the weather can be hit and miss this time of year and you’ll be going from cold outside to toasty warm inside and lots of central heating. Your skin will thank you later for protecting it with a good moisturiser and a drop of facial oil.

Your hair will also need to be nourished so a deep cleansing hair mask and a fresh trim will keep your locks in shape till January. This year girls, we are still all about the curls, so unfortunately, we are going to have to brave the curling irons and risk burning our fingers yet again.

Happy Feet
Footwear can also be a bit of a game of Russian Roulette this time of year. Snow boots hardly look good with your little black dress and sometimes your trainers just don’t cut it. This may also be your first time back in heels, so let’s go easy on those poor feet. Luckily the gods of footwear are smiling on us at the moment and are turning away from stilettos and strappy heels. Thank goodness I hear you cry. Instead, they are offering us platforms and knee boots as an alternative. Ladies, count this as a blessing.

But let me give you a little tip. Always, and I mean always, break your heels in before wearing them outside of the house. I do the hoovering in mine. If you’re drinking, then you might be wobbly on your feet as it is without adding in a pair of 6-inch heels you’ve never worn before. And wincing all the next day every time you take a step, really can be avoided.

But if all else fails, you can always just delete the photos and start the diet in January. Just remember to enjoy yourself and have a safe and happy Christmas.



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