These days we understand pain a lot better and can treat it in a variety of ways. Physiotherapist Andrew Byrne, from True Physio in Whalley, explains

“I wish I’d come sooner!” This is what we hear so often from our patients in clinic when we’ve told them what can be done for their pain. They eventually come in to see us after putting up with pain and discomfort for months, or even years!

So why do so many people just put up with pain?

Often, it’s because someone has given us the impression that nothing can be done. We now understand pain better than ever before and we can treat and improve things that we couldn’t years ago.

The problem is, we were all well brought-up people who listened to what our grandparents and parents told us.

They told us: “Once you’ve got a bad back, you will always have a bad back,” and “Your Aunt Joan had to move to Spain to get any relief from her Arthritis!” This simply isn’t true, but so many people still believe it and pass it on to their children.

The second most common reason that people just put up with pain is that they’ve been told that it’s just part of getting older. You wouldn’t believe the number of people we have to convince that an ache or pain isn’t inevitable as they get older!

I want to make it clear that you’re right, you can’t get rid of Arthritis, but often it’s a completely normal part of ageing. So-called ‘wear and tear’ is as normal as grey hairs and wrinkles!

Think of it like this. Say for example you suddenly get knee pain one day. You go to the GP, have an x-ray and are told you have wear and tear or Arthritis. It would be easy to believe that that’s you doomed to a lifetime of knee pain. But, the fact is, the day before you had pain, even the hour before you had pain, the wear and tear was there. It didn’t just show up! Yes you may have Arthritis, but it doesn’t mean it has to stop you!”

So, whatever you may have been told, or have heard, please don’t just put up with pain. Nobody should claim that they can solve all problems, but it’s very rare that nothing can be done! You have nothing to lose, and you might just get rid of that pain and get back to doing the things you love!

Please get in touch, we’d love to help.



Tedd Walmsley

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